Con Air: Nic Cage was slowing killing Baby-O one coconut at a time

In honor of July 14th, the “holiday” that all of us at are trying to make a worldwide holiday, I decided that once again it was time to over analyze the film that is the most important part of Nic Cage Day being held on July 14th in the first place. Last year we talked about Baby-O  – Cameron Poe’s prison buddy who was aboard Con-Air.  Aside from potentially being imprisoned for being diabetic, we never really find out why he is there in the first place. For more on that whole subject, we encourage you to read more by clicking here.

However, today we need to talk about the simple lack of judgement Nic Cage’s character, Cameron Poe, had in the film in regards to his friend Baby-O.  We all know from the script that Baby-O is a diabetic.  He requires insulin on a very regular basis.  In fact he needs his insulin so much so that he begins slipping into a diabetic coma in less than 24 hours from his last dose.  Now, for all the diabetics out there, I am fully aware of the fact that every case of diabetes is different.  What some people can get away with and be fine will effect others very differently.  However, for the rest of this article we are going to make some generalizations all for the sake of good fun (so buckle up everyone and try not to get too bent out of shape).  I am boldly proclaiming as of today that I think Cameron Poe was directly contributing to the advancement of Baby-Os diabetes and decline of his health.  I know, it’s a bold statement, but I think it is very important we at least consider the possibility.

Early on in the script of Con-Air we are told in a letter that Cameron is writing to his wife, Tricia,

“I got your package. Those pink coconut things…have made me quite popular. Met a guy just the other day. Baby-O. He sure does love ’em.”

In the film we are shown that Poe is sharing Hostess Snowballs with Baby-O as he mops the floors.  Further research on Snowballs show that they only have 36 grams of Carbs which is still within the limit that a diabetic could have without doing serious damage, but it is highly suggested that diabetics watch their carb intake and blood sugar levels.  Snowballs would not be considered good for you by any stretch of the imagination if you were diabetic.  In fact, one snowball and a glass of water would most likely be considered a full “meal” for a severe diabetic like Baby-O.  This of course assuming that he is also getting three meals a day from the prison system as well  and that the snowball wasn’t evenly spaced between meals allowing him to tolerate it with greater ease .  One must also assume that food within the prison system that houses the worst of the worst probably isn’t the most overall healthy stuff on the planet either, making the snowball all the more potentially toxic.

We can’t also ignore the fact that Poe says that “[Baby-o] sure does love ’em” in his letter.  Since he is narrating the letter as he writes it and we can not see the actual writing, we have to assume that he either wrote “’em” or his backwoods Alabama dialect is causing him to say “them” like that.  Either word alludes to the fact that Baby-O loves “more than one snowball” which means Cameron has given him at least one snowball from the package on more than one occasion.  That means that Poe on various occasions has given Baby-O sugary, pink coconut things as a daytime snack, which most likely would throw his blood sugar levels off; thereby messing with the delicate balance of his diabetic state.

One could also start looking at the fact that no one regulates Baby-O’s dosage of insulin that Poe finally gives Baby-O in the film.  He simply finds a needle, and injects the contents of the bottle into Baby-O.  Sure, insulin is needed in this case since he is going into diabetic shock, however too much insulin can actually kill a person.  Yet, Poe plunges that needle into Baby-O with little disregard for Baby-O’s health.  It wouldn’t hurt to mention that they really didn’t sterilize the syringe or needle that had been sitting in the “boneyard” for years.  Who knows where that needle has been?   And before someone says, “How does one sterilize the needle on board the plane?”  I would like to point out that this is a Jerry Bruckhiemer production.  Everything is blowing up/on fire.  He couldn’t have put the needle in high heat for a few seconds before injecting him?

Whether it is through pink  coconut things or dirty needles and potential overdoses the point is that maybe Poe wasn’t the good friend we all thought he was for Baby-O.  Sure we are making a lot of generalizations on diabetes and medical procedures but one at least has to question if there is validity to these statements.  This year as you celebrate July 14th by watching Con-Air and eating pink coconut things just think about Baby-O and how Poe was potentially putting his friend’s health at risk –one coconut ball at a time.

3 thoughts on “Con Air: Nic Cage was slowing killing Baby-O one coconut at a time

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