Ways to Leave

Why in the world you would ever want to leave us we will never know!  After all this site have everything you’d ever want and more!  However it’s always great to hear what others have to say even if you don’t agree with them!  That’s why we created the “Ways to Leave” page.  Here’s a collection of other sites we know you’ll love.  Enjoy!

Where would we be with out the ramblings of The Mike?  The Mike was one of BoxOfficeBoredom.com’s originals.  His reviews still grace our past pages, and creep into the site every now and then.  The Mike is our resident Horror expert, and his solo blog From Midnight With Love has a strong following.  If it’s the ramblings of a hardcore horror geek you are looking for, check him out!

One of my favorite sites of random pop culture is the site Wolfgnards.com.  Mark over at Wolfgnards is constantly answering the questions you never really knew you wanted answered.  Whether it is “How Rich is Scrooge McDuck? to “How did the T-Rex end up in the visitor center of Jurassic Park?”  Mark’s done the math.  Check him out!

Sam over at The Wild Bore has guest posted on our site from time to time, and we’re always glad to have his opinion.  Sam’s London based film, tv, music and games blog is one that I stumbled upon by accident and ended up making a friend out of it all.  If you haven’t checked out The Wild Bore, give it a shot and see if it is your cup of tea.  (People from London do use the phrase cup of tea don’t they?)

Nicki over at Hey Look Behind You! hosts another Horror blog that I do love to read.  Horror has never really been my thing, but I enjoy reading Nicki’s perspective.  If The Mike just isn’t feeding your horror need, or you just want some good reading material, I encourage you to check out Hey Look Behind You!

The guys over at Maniac Movie Goer are one of my newest addictions.  From movie reviews, Flashback Fridays, Caption Contests and Games these guys have a site worth checking out!  If you haven’t added it to your blogroll, you should!

If you have a site that you want listed on our “Ways To Leave” contact us and let us know.  We’ll take a look at your site and contact you!  Thanks for reading and enjoy some of the works of our friends!