Not Another Teen Movie

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Chyler Leigh, Jaime Pressly, Chris Evans
Directed By: Joel Gallen
Rated: Rated R for strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content

Final Grade:

I vaguely remember a few years ago sitting in my lazy boy thinking to myself Gee Scary Movie looks like a funny movie. I think I shall pay $6 to go see that. So I did, and I came out sadly dissapointed. Then a few years later, I got a job at a movie theater and someone said, “Gee we should watch Scary Movie 2.” Against my better judgement, I sat through it and once again I was more saddened by the amount of time I had wasted, but een more saddened by the amount of people who wasted their money on it, unlike me.
So needless to say when I heard the makers of the Scary Movie series began to advertise NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE I thought to myself, the previews make it look slightly entertaining, but once again won’t it just be a waste of my time?
After viewing it I realized something, although crude in spots the movie wasn’t half bad. In fact if I was forced to choose between buying the special edition boxed set of the scary movie movies or a copy of Not Another Teen movie with No Special features, I would choose that over the boxed set any day.
The movie wasn’t nearly as crude, and they seemed to leave out most of the bodily humor the makers seemed to rely so heavily on in the scary movie series. The movie turned into a plethora of spoofs upon spoofs bashing every “teen movie” from Varsity Blues to American Pie, Breakfast Club to She’s All that, 10 things I hate about you and even tossed in a bit of Can’t Hardly wait as well as numerous others. The over all comedy was good if you are into a spoof style movie and especially if you are lookig for something that will bash everyone of those trashy stereotypical teen flicks that seem to flood the theaters and rental stores these days.
My Verdict on the movie: I’m going out on a limb on this one. My initial review that I posted said the following: “expecting decent showing at the box office due to success of Scary Movie, however I think the only thing that will actually be funny is the amount of money you paid for the ticket…” However, I think It will do well in the box office because it overall is a decent spoof flick making fun of a genre that so many people in the world are getting sick of. And Guys,as for the price, if you’re in the mood for a spoof movie, pay the $6 and while you’re at it pay $6 for the cute girl in line next to you the worst that could happen is she never talks to you again…Besides what else were you going to use that money for? Hopefully not to buy yourself a copy of Scary Movie.