MIRANDA: Chapter 04

The following is the final chapter of the Original Short Story “Miranda” featured on BoxOfficeBoredom.com.  If you haven’t read chapter 01, click here to check it out.


Try as she may, Jake Deneveau was holding out info thought Agent Katherine Carr.  She already knew about the freighter armed with enough C4 to take out an entire city block.  The problem was no one at the agency had the ability to figure out which freighter it was, and where the thing was headed to.  All they knew is that someone was threatening the American National Security.  And at this moment, Carr felt she had the person responsible for this whole mess right in front of her.  Time was of the essence here, and no matter what she did Jake Deneveau would not talk.  Carr was able to revive Deneveau a total of 8 times before his heart didn’t restart.  Deneveau never did talk, simply because he never knew what Carr was speaking of.  Carr thought Deneveau took his secrets to the grave when it was a simple case of Jake Deneveau never knowing the secret to begin with.

At 10:00 am Project MIRANDA sent its final command to the small cargo ship SS Northwestern Saga.  As the ship pulled past the Statue of Liberty, it exploded with a mighty earth shaking boom.  The statue which was once a symbol of American freedom, crumbled into the water below.  Smoke billowed from the area and thousands of panicked onlookers screamed and cell phones were dialing 911.  The panicked onlookers who were not dialing 911 had their phones up in the air shooting video.

Back at the military hospital, Catherine Carr watched in horror as all the major news networks picked up coverage of a deadly explosion near the Statue of Liberty in New York.  Right now all was speculation, but it looked as though 100 were dead and many more injured from the blast.  Rescue crews were scattered trying to preform what triage methods they could, but the cable news networks were calling it one of the largest acts of terrorism since 9/11.  The president was to speak to the public within the hour.  Agent Carr nearly began crying as she turned away from the TV and looked back at the body of Jake Deneveau.    She still believed the key to this whole mystery lied right there beside her.  His motives may never be known because she wasn’t able to effectively extract the information like she was trained to do.  Carr set her gun and her badge next to the body, and with one last deep breath, gathered her composure and walked out the door.  In her mind this was her fault and she couldn’t have any more spilled blood on her hands.

The President spoke to the American public within the hour just as the news outlets promised.  As he got up to the podium, he looked tired, distraught and a bit shaken up by the current events of the day.  He took a deep breath and began his speech.

My fellow Americans,

 Today we suffered a great tragedy and the loss of innocent American lives were great.  One of the great symbols of our freedom was destroyed this morning, and now we find ourselves searching through the rubble not only for our loved ones but for our own way once again.  The freedoms that we have are given to us by the countless members of the armed forces that we guide us and protect us each day.  Many of these groups are in the process to responding to distress calls in the area and will help us rise up from the ashes that have been created today.   Americans, it will not be easy.  We will never forget the tragedy that took place today and the lives that were lost.  But in times of great peril we as a Americans continually rise up to the occasion and show that our great strength is not just the symbols that remind our enemies both foreign and domestic that we are the greatest nation in the world.  The American spirit runs deep in every American.  That fighting spirit lives in all of us, and we ask you to look inside yourself not for hatred but for how we can rebound from this and rebuild ourselves into a nation that is stronger than ever. 

Members of the government have already been working on figuring out what has happened today.  The department of defense does not believe this to be an act of war.  Our sources believe that it was the act of a domestic cyber terrorist named Jacob Arthur Deneveau.  Deneveau’s motives are still unclear but more will be released as we find out more.  Jacob Arthur Deneveau took his secrets to the grave with him.  In attempting to escape FBI agents, he and his wife both died in a tragic car accident.  We may never know what his motives were, but we believe this is the act of one man and one man alone.  He may have succeeded in his goal to destroy a symbol of our great nation, but he has not destroyed the American spirit.

As proactive measures, I am giving the Department of Defense complete control of more troops and more seaworthy vessels to help maintain that our harbors stay safe.  I will be working close with Department of Defense leader, including Secretary of Defense, Ryan Conntrorry, in making sure that the DOD has the funding they need to ensure the safety and security of all Americans.  Mr. Conntrorry will be speaking to soon and answering questions that you may have.  God Bless us all and God Bless America.

Seated in one of the chairs behind the president were members of the president’s cabinet.    Secretary of Defense, Ryan Conntrorry was one of those men.  Conntrorry had a slight smile on his face as the president gave his speech.  He had just executed stage one of Project Miranda.  Not only had he just gained more power and more budget than he had before, but he was able to shift the blame to one man: a Midwestern Com-Sci teacher named Jake Deneveau.  As the president concluded his speech, Secretary of Defense Ryan Conntrorry was called up to stage.  He reached into his pocket and grabbed his pre-written speech that was neatly folded.  And with one final deep breath, “Orson Escott” approached the podium with far more power than he had ever had before.