New Site, New Focus, New Goals

relaunch-01_1xFor the past 13 years has been about movie reviews. There are TONS of movie reviews on here from some very talented critics. But it’s time to do something new. Starting today is the official re-launch of and I need YOUR help to spread the word (and maybe even contribute)

The biggest addition to is the “original fiction” area of the site. Each month, we will be having a piece of original fiction being released in 4 chapter segments. Think of it as your weekly episodic reading adventure. Also looking at doing an “audibook” style podcast for each of these original pieces of fiction as well. This will be posted each Saturday. I’ve already got a few people interested in sharing their own stories over the coming months but if you would like to take part- I’d love to hear from you. The topic is yours– the possibilities are endless. We want to “share” our own stories and use this site to be a hub for multiple forms of entertainment.

Along with the original fiction I am looking at adding some writers who want to write about what interest them. From video games and video game “story” ideas to WWE talk (because we know a lot of you closet WWE nerds exist), to book reviews/articles and even looking at expanding our podcast network. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at internet radio– let me know and let’s work on it. Maybe you are a tech geek and want to share tech news/how to videos/articles. Maybe you are religious and want to write an article about your faith. With the new it’s not only possible but an area I’d love to explore. Maybe you have an idea for something I haven’t even thought of–all the better. Let’s share ideas.

Movie reviews will still be a huge part of our site; after all it is part of our roots. But I want to evolve into a community of contributors, aspiring authors and a hub for people to read and share ideas with each other. Once again to do that I need your help. Even if you have ever thought “I’m not a writer” or “I don’t want my own site; what do I have to say?” I want to encourage you to get in touch with me. Let’s fill the new with relevant content and have fun with it.

I hope you enjoy the new site and enjoy the new original fiction section of the site and support it. I’m stepping out of my traditional comfort zone here and I hope and pray that you might too. Even if it is a one time guest post or you want to bounce an idea off me about your hobbies and interest give me a shout out through the contact us page on the site or through our twitter accounts and facebook accounts.


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