Fallen City

Five years before Fallen City begins, a bank is robbed and thousands of dollars are taken. The main robber was Liu Chuan (Huang Jue), and by his escape, a police officer named Wang Laoshi (Ding Yongdai) was demoted for failing to catch the perpetrator. Now, at the start of our film, Officer Wang patrols the streets and hopes that, just maybe, he’ll find Liu. He even keeps a picture of the man in his hat. He might be a little obsessed.

Liu returns. He does so while remaining incognito, wearing sunglasses and a hat. After a couple of close calls, Wang finally spots Liu and gives chase. After an exciting foot chase, Liu is caught. He gets handcuffed to an abandoned warehouse. And then an earthquake strikes. A terrible earthquake. One which destroys the entire city. Liu escapes. He’s looking for his daughter. Eventually, he meets up with a girl, Qin (Ruby Lin), who follows him because she has nothing better to do. He helps people who need help. Meanwhile, Wang continues to hunt him down. I did mention he was obsessed, right?

The rest of the film follows our leads through the rubble of the city, as people need rescuing, buildings collapse, and the thief and the cop continue to be at odds with one another. They even switch identities for a good chunk of the film, which leads to a few funny situations. But for Liu, it’s all about trying to find his daughter. He goes through a whole load of dangerous situations just in hopes that he’ll be able to see her one more time.

Fallen City has everything. It has some good action, most of which is quite intense and thrilling. Its acting is consistently strong, as Huang Jue and Ding Yongdai play off one another wonderfully. It’s surprisingly emotionally involving. The film contains a good mix of humor, too. And while the destroyed city doesn’t provide us the most unique landscape available, it is quite gorgeous and the effects used to show us the destruction are seamless. And the film only runs for about 90 minutes, so it finishes before it gets dull.

That’s all I’ve got. Fallen City is really entertaining from start to finish, does pretty much everything correct, doesn’t have any problems that detracts from it greatly enough to notice, and I enjoyed it immensely from start to finish. It even has a couple of scenes that will make you cringe because they are uncomfortable. It’s rare that a movie can give you pretty much everything you want in just 90 minutes, but that’s what Fallen City does.

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