Men In Black 3: Here come the Men In Black–again–but do we care?

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical of Men In Black 3.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why they would even make a Men in Black 3 in the first place.  I was never a huge fan of the series in the first place and the second one was such a forgettable piece of popcorn movie fluff that it never really warranted a sequel.   None the less, when the DVD got put in the DVD player I found myself thinking that maybe one more Men In Black film may not be all that bad.

There must have been someone else that agreed with my questioning of if another MIB movie needed to exist;  that man would be one of the film’s stars, Tommy Lee Jones.  Jones appears in it as Agent K for only a small portion of the film, which was the result of most likely 2 or 3 days work.  The rest of the film hinges on Will Smith to take the reigns.  In order to give J his sidekick K, they send J back in time to meet his partner years before he became the gruff Tommy Lee Jones Agent K that recruited him.  In order to defeat a time traveling alien who plans on altering the space time continuum, Agent J meets Agent K played by Josh Brolin.  The two work together to save the earth of the past, present and future.

The stand out part of Men In Black 3 is Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones.  Brolin seems to have the gift of imitation, as he mastered President George W. Bush a few years back in W. and now seems to do an equally good Tommy Lee Jones impression in Men In Black 3. He’s rather believable and the chemistry between he and Will Smith almost works as well as Tommy Lee Jones and Smith does.  Brolin seemed to have figured out all the mannerisms that makes this film work even though it was next to dead in the water since Tommy Lee Jones didn’t seem too excited about revisiting the franchise.  (Then again, at his age, Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t look like he gets excited about anything anymore).

Men in Black 3 does have it’s share of problems.  Some of the set designs are a little tacky and the story has some plot holes but you find yourself really overlooking them.  One of the things I really wished we had seen more of were the 1960’s MIB gadgets, as things such as 1st generation de-nueralizers and other “space guns” were actually kind of cool.  They seemed to have missed some obvious jokes with the gadgets such as the one wheel motorcycles and the jet packs as they worked seamlessly; in fact they worked so well that you can’t help but wonder why they are not still used in the future (or I guess that would be the present for us).

Despite the problems this film has it actually turns out to be a rather fun little film.  I got a few good laughs, I enjoyed the Brolin performance and I know that this film was better to me than Men In Black 2 was.  Men In Black 3 is the type of summer popcorn flick you can throw on for some mindless entertainment.  It doesn’t try to achieve any more than that.  It fits in well with the other two films in the Men In Black cannon.  While I don’t forsee anymore Men In Black films appearing any time soon (and I am not too heartbroken by that) I think Men In Black 3 has convinced me that this franchise still has a little bit of gas left in the tank, and it did a decent enough job of entertaining me that I would watch a Men In Black 4.

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