Fireproof The Giants Like Potatoes (Our Christian Movie Themed Podcast)

The latest episode of the Box Office Boredom Podcast is now up for your listening pleasure.   It features a discussion of Christian films, and Christianity in Hollywood.  What do these films do well, and what do they need to improve upon?  Are the successful films, or self serving, heavy handed films that need a lot of work before they can compete with the mainstream genre flicks?

Joining Jason in the discussion is longtime friend and Pastor, Jeremy Geerdes as we delve headlong into this topic.  The podcast this month definitely has some Christian overtones, but don’t expect us to just be religious fan boys.  We’ve tried to objectively evaluate this topic and encourage people from all faiths and beliefs to take part and hit us up with some feedback via the contact form on

Also joining us by supplying a wealth of background noises are Jeremy’s children who provide us with some nice sound effect, including the sound of a wind up car zooming past at some point in the show.  (Prizes offered to the 1st  person who emails us with the exact time this happens in the audio!)

Films mentioned in this episode are Fireproof, Facing The Giants, Flywheel, Faith Like Potatoes, Saved!, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and a mention of Sherwood Films upcoming project Courageous.  Enjoy the show and give us some feedback!

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