Prep Yourself for an Alien Attack Without Going to the Box Office This Weekend!

It’s Alien attack week in theaters this week!  With Battle: Los Angeles for the adults and Mars Needs Moms for the kids, it’s looking like the chances of getting probed by aliens are pretty high if you see a movie in theaters this weekend.  Now, I haven’t seen either of these films, but all this talk of alien abduction got me thinking about alien flicks.  After all- If you were to be carried off to another planet this weekend, wouldn’t you want to be beamed off of your couch rather than out of your movie seat just after you paid for the $20 ticket and the $30 worth of popcorn?  With that in mind, here’s a few alien flicks that can keep your DVD player humming all weekend long.

1.) Plan 9 From Outer Space- Plan 9 involves aliens raising of the dead to take over earth.  Claimed by many to be “the worst movie of all time, director Ed Wood set out to make this 50’s alien abduction tale that was meant to be taken seriously.  The problem is this film is done so poorly it is laughable.  Nothing about this film make sense, including clips of bad stock footage, terribly scripted and delivered dialogue and set pieces (like grave stones) that blow in the wind.  Plan 9 From Outer Space is one of the worst alien movies ever made, but just might have you in stitches of laughter for all the wrong reasons.

2.)Alien- C’mon- who thought I wouldn’t acknowledge the Riddley Scott and mention the Sci-Fi Horror film Alien?  One could go on and on about this film but simply put, this film isn’t about friendly little green men.  This is one scary looking beast that will suck your face off and its reign of terror over a 7 man mission crew.  (See also- Aliens, Alien Resurrection and Alien Vs. Predator)

3.)  War of the Worlds– Steven Spielberg brought alien attacks back to the limelight in 2005 with this summer blockbuster, that looks and sounds great in your DVD or Blu-Ray player.  I know it’s easy to be deterred by Tom Cruise, but this film has all the action packed adventure you need to give you the know how to plan for the ever pending alien attack that’s just around the corner.

4.)  District 9– Oddly enough aliens aren’t necessarily the bad guys here.  This film is a great little flick that was done on a shoe string budget with great results.  Sometimes a bit more of a humanitarian piece rather than an alien piece, this flick focuses on a world where human and aliens attempt to co-exist  on earth and how their misconceptions of each other proves to be their biggest downfall.  This flick isn’t your alien probing fluff, it’s going to be something you’ll be talking about long after the credits roll.  If you haven’t seen it- what are you waiting for?  (It just might be on that “Instant Watch” on that DVD by Mail company that shall not be named!)

5.) E.T. – He made Elliott, phone home, and Reese’s Pieces household words in the 80’s!  M&M’s is probably still kicking themselves for not wanting a creepy alien eating their candy in the film.  E.T. is the ultimate extra terrestrial.  Who wouldn’t want a alien friend as a young child?   Sure, the film has aged a bit over the years but this is one family friendly alien flick that is just good ol’ fashioned movie making fun.

6.) Independence Day– Aliens attacking your neighborhood?  Not if Randy Quaid and Will Smith have anything to say about it!  This 1996 Roland Emmerich film came about years before Emmerich decided to see what would happen The Day After Tomorrow or even in 2012.  Emmerich made a summer blockbuster flick that involves Will Smith gunning down space invaders and Jeff Goldblum using his superior Goldblum knowledge to defeat certain doom!

7.)Pitch Black– A sci-fi horror flick that gets forgotten in the mix, this is the film that made Vin Diesel a box office star.  Even if you’re not a fan of Vin, give Pitch Black a try.  It’s a story of a prison transport space ship that crash lands on a planet that is plagued by flesh eating creatures that come out in the dark.  With an eclipse just around the corner, the crew struggles to survive and is forced to turn to their enemy to save the day.  This film set up “The Chronicles of Riddick” franchise that was terribly mishandled by everyone who touched it.  If you haven’t seen it, check out!

8.) The Blob– If I had an alien movie list that didn’t involve The Blob, I’d get an angry letter from The Mike.  Steve McQueen in the classic tale of of matter than spreads its way across the country side creating  havoc with everything it encounters is the perfect alien tale.  It’s some good ol’ fashioned campy fun.

9.) Invasion of the Body Snatchers– Let’s face it, aliens invaded a lot in the 50’s.  Some of the most fun alien flicks come from that time. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one such film.  This tale of a small town doctor who begins to discover that people are being replaced with mindless alien clones is the perfect paranoia tale for the conspiracy kook in you.  The 1956 film is a bit dated but still fun, but has spawned two remakes- neither which I have seen.  The most recent, The Invasion, stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman or a 1978 Invasion of The Body Snatchers starring Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy, and Jeff Goldblum might be your cup of tea.  Something tells me that neither holds a candle to the original, but the idea of Daniel Craig or Jeff Goldblum is just too tempting to ignore.

10.) Predator– Hey- I mentioned aliens!  The Predator needs some love!  This sport hunting creature from another planet is let loose in the jungle and stalks a crack commando squadron led by none other than Arnold Schwartzenegger. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Predator is the film stars not one but two United States Governors, Schwartzenegger and Jesse Ventura.  It also stars Carl Weathers (better known as Apollo Creed) who is still hoping that being credited in Predators means a political future.  Predator is 80’s action at it’s best.  Arnold vs. a stealth killing alien?  Yes Please.

There you have it- 10 Alien flicks that will keep you out of the box offices this weekend and in your favorite easy chair.  Sure, there’s a ton more!  What did I miss?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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