It was’s own The Mike who asked ol’ Nate to dig up the where abouts of actress Linda Fiorentino, and I figured I would have no problem finding what happened to this actress of yesteryear.  You see, Linda was poised to be the next big thing in Hollywood a decade ago.  Her appearance in films like Men in Black and Dogma, were not a coincidence.  People thought she was going to be somebody.  Now everyone just wonders if she is going to be somewhere.

This week’s Where Are They Wednesday quest led me to scouring the internets, and talking to my sources around the world to just try and find what exactly happened to Linda Fiorentino.  The answer was always one of two things.  1.) I have no idea.  2.) Who the heck is Linda Fiorentino?

Linda Fiorientino was born Corlinda Fiorentino was born in 1958 and got her first gig as an actress in a movie called Vision Quest in 1985.  Vision Quest didn’t pan out as her break out role and she struggled as an actress until 1994 when she starred in The Last Seduction.  That inevitably led to her to critical acclaim and some starring roles, along side Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Dogma.  She appeared in a few films in 2000 and 2002 and then * poof  * was gone.

What I was able to find out was very little.  Apparently Linda leads a private life off screen.  For all we know she could be selling drugs to children on the street corner, or solving world peace in a foreign country.  She returned to acting in 2009 in a little known film called Once More With Feeling but aside from that has done a great job of staying out of the limelight.

The only great connection to Linda Fiorentino that I could really find was that she was working on a script about the life of Hollywood PI, Anthony Pelicano.  Rumor has it that her former FBI agent boy toy was fired from his job doing illegal database searches that he claims were to help with the “script.”   I can’t help but think that having her name linked to such a strange case can’t be helping her movie star comeback if that is indeed in the works.

I know the point of Where Are They Wednesdays isn’t to take a guess, but I have a theory that maybe Men In Black is true and Linda got too close to “the truth.”  She was probably “flashy thinged” (aka Neuralized) by the real Men in Black and has forgotten how to act in Hollywood.  Hopefully she can be De-neuralized soon before we have all forgotten about her existence as well.  Thanks for making me search Mike, but alas Nate just plain doesn’t know.  If any of you have any Linda Fiorentino sightings or know what she is up to leave me some comments below.  Grenbeck…out!