Confessions of Fanpire- Charlie St Cloud: Heart melting confusion?

A Movie Review by Nattie

I’m about to spoil the crap out of Charlie St. Cloud. So if you haven’t seen it and don’t want it ruined stop reading here.
The back of the DVD cover for Charlie St. Cloud reads, “Zac Efron will melt your heart”. Thanks for the update Bonnie Laufer from Tribune Canada, but that’s like saying if you cut off your hand it will bleed. Zac Efron is in the heart melting business and business is good, but can he act and carry a movie on his own? The answer is yes and no. He does an excellent job of working those baby blues and making you feel sorry for him, but that is all he really does throughout the entire movie.

Charlie St. Cloud starts out with Charlie graduating from high school and winning a sailing race. He has a bright future ahead of him including a scholarship to Stanford. Charlie and his little brother Sam are very close. Charlie promises Sam that he will help him with baseball for one hour a day at Sunset Canyon. Then he and his brother get in a car accident. Charlie flat lines in the ambulance, however he is brought back to life by a paramedic played by Ray Liotta. His brother Sam isn’t so lucky. Fives years pass and we learn that Charlie did not go to Standford instead he now works in a cemetery and hasn’t sailed in five years. Oh, and he can see dead people. Not just his little brother who he plays catch with daily, but he also sees a high school friend who joined the military and passed away.

The ladies in town love the brooding Charlie St. Cloud, however he doesn’t really date since he is so busy playing catch with his dead brother. Then Tess, played by Amanda Crew, comes into the picture. She has a big boat and is going to do a sailing race thing all on her girly own. Her and Charlie quickly build a friendship as she visits her fathers grave at the cemetery Charlie maintains. One day Tess showed up there with a head wound she got while testing her boat out in a storm. Charlie fixed her up and thus their love story begins. Tess asks Charlie to join her support crew so she can see him occasionally when she is away for six months for her boat race. Charlie cannot go because he has to meet Sam everyday to play baseball.

The next day or later that day, I honestly don’t remember and it doesn’t really matter, Charlie and his friend are at the bar when Tess’s trainer, played by Donal Logue comes in and announces that her boat has been missing for three days. But, wait she has been with Charlie for those three days or has she? Holy M. Night Shamalamadingdong, she is a ghost too!!!! But, not really since Charlie knows she is still alive, after he talks to her ghost in the cemetery right after she realized she isn’t real. No it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So Charlie and his friend steal Donal Logues boat to go find her. And, find her he does. He of course has to take off his shirt and open up her sailing clothes so he can warm her naked skin with his naked skin. Turns out that’s the thing that kept her alive. However, when he was out saving his lady he missed a play date with is brother. This allows Sam to move on to Heaven or wherever dead people go, they aren’t specific.

Charlie St. Cloud is nothing special. I was entertained but question if it was just because Zac Efron is so darn like able. I may also think it’s better than it was because I watched Post Grad in the past couple of weeks. Everything has been really good since then. It’s going to take some time to recover from that one.

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