Confessions of a Fanpire: Twilight Saga Eclipse

A review by Nattie

The last time that Nattie wrote something for dates all the way back to May of 2003!  After her first and only review of the horror classic, Wrong Turn (in which for some reason, Jason, The Mike and Nattie all wrote reviews), Nattie makes her triumphant return to the site with Confessions of a Fanpire: The Twilight Saga Eclipse.  Enjoy the review that has been 7 years in the making!

I love the Twilight series more than anyone my age should. I found myself getting up early on Saturday morning (because I’m too old to stay up and fight the midnight crowd) and hurrying to Target to get my DVD/Blueray copy of Eclipse on release day. I practically skipped through the aisles anticipating the excitement of being able to watch it whenever I wanted. Not only would I get to to spend my days with Twilight and New Moon marathons, now I would be able to work Eclipse into the lineup as well.

Eclipse is the third installment of the extremely popular series by Stephanie Meyer. In the first movie, Twilight, Bella falls in love with Edward a vampire. In the second movie, New Moon, Edward leaves and Bella falls in love with Jacob, a werewolf. In the third movie, Eclipse, Edward and Jacob fight over Bella; Oh- and Victoria is trying to kill Bella because Edward killed her mate James in Twilight. It’s a case of the good ol’ and eye for and eye logic. (Side note: Victoria is now played by Bryce Dallas Howard who is inferior to the old Victoria: Rachelle Lefevre.)

Eclipse begins with Edward again asking Bella to marry him. She has no problem committing to life as a vampire but is unable to commit to marriage. All is well in the land of Bella and Edward. Meanwhile trouble is brewing in Seattle, a new born vampire army is being created and is on their way to battle the Cullens. In order to protect Bella from these new vampires, it is suggested that she starts spending a lot of time of the reservation with Jacob and the other werewolves. Suddenly, Bella has a dream and realizes that Victoria is behind the newborn army.   The only logical thing then is for the werewolves and vampires to  unwillingly join forces to stop the newborn army from killing Bella.  Of course, right before battle Bella realizes that she loves Jacob but she loves Edward more.   And then the battle ensues.

This is where I feel the series should have ended. There are still two more movies to come. Breaking Dawn (the horrible final book of the series) will be split up into two parts. The first set to come out in November 2011. Even though I do not enjoy the book, I am anticipating the film Breaking Dawn with the same enthusiasm a heroin addict craves their next hit. I just can’t get enough of this series, no matter how bad it may get.

Is Eclipse an academy award caliber film? No those movies are usually crap! Is it an easy target for mocking? Yes, Kristen Stewart’s acting did improve but is still pretty awful as is her wig. Taylor Lautner can’t act either, but with abs like that who cares.

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