She’s Out of My League

A Review by Nate Grenbeck

Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve
Directed by: Jim Field Smith
Rated: R for language and sexual content
Movie Released: 2010

The movies love to tell the tale of the geek who gets the girl.  It always seems as though the girl comes to her senses and realizes that her guy that has evolved ever so slightly from his cave man ancestors and is a moron; and subsequently goes for the geek in the end.  In the real world, a geek’s chances are far less.  There are a multitude of reasons for this.  I suppose one of these reasons are, a geek would stay at home and bitch about movies being factually incorrect on his very own movie review site, aptly named  The point is, most of the time when it comes to love, the movies have turned our brains to mush.  But even though movies make our brains mush, we still love our movies.

She’s Out of My League is one of those movies that has been made about 10 kazillion times.  I’m not sure how big of a number one kazillion is, but it’s pretty big.  The point is, we’ve seen enough variations of it before, but somehow one more doesn’t seem to hurt.  A very geeky, good hearted guy works air port security and happens to return a lost item to a very attractive passenger.  As a way of saying thank you, she takes him out for a drink.  The two seem to hit it off and begin to fall in love, even though none of their friends can remotely see what the two see in each other.  After all, how could a girl who is a perfect 10 go for a guy who is barely a 1?

What makes this film so great is the performance by our geeky, lesser known actor Jay Baruchel.  While Baruchel is an actor that is a familiar face, he’s not really known as a leading man yet.  I actually wish the kid the best of luck.  Hey, if Michael Cera can continue to get work (and his awkward, low rent twin (Jesse Eisenberg)) then there is hope for Baruchel as well.  He plays that perfect loveable line between awkward and normal so well.  Too many times people venture too far on one side or the other of the line.  Somehow Baruchel finds the perfect balance.  Because of this you aren’t sitting through this film finding it too awkward to watch, but at the same time, it’s not a boring flick that’s tryingtoo hard either.

The film sports an R rating and has its moments of some sexual humor in that I’m still debating if it needed to be in the film at all, but none the less I enjoyed the flick from start to finish.  It wasn’t over the top raunchy from start to finish, but it wasn’t a cute and cuddly family comedy either.  It was a pleasant mix of adult humor.  A perfect R rated comedy for the Old School and 40 year old Virgin crowd.

I actually had a lot of fun watching  She’s Out of My League and want to give it a re-watch.  It’s nothing groundbreaking. You know everything that is going to happen because you have seen this movie over and over and over again. However, sometimes a slight variation on an old plot works.  This is one of those times.  Grab your popcorn, your sweetheart and a copy of She’s Out Of My League.

PS- Guys- If your girl asks am I a 10?  Avoid the question- there is NO right answer to that question.  Deflection is your ONLY possible defense.   If you answer 10, or answer honestly, my God have mercy on your soul.

Final Grade:

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