Love Don’t Cost a Thing

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated PG13 for language and sexual content.
Starring:Nick Cannon, Steve Harvey
Directed By:Troy Beyer

Final Grade:

I first met Sarah in the 10th grade. Sarah was what I thought was the most beautiful girl in the world. She was a real looker, a sight to be seen, she stood out when she walked into a room. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t the same type of person. In fact, I was the opposite. I didn’t stand out in the crowd, I didn’t make a big flashy entrance whenever I walked into the room. In fact, all I really did well was be “invisible.”

Love don’t cost a thing, tells the story of a similar person, a teenage boy named Alvin who wants for just once in his life to be popular. Alvin finally gets his chance when the school’s cutest girl, Paris crashes her Mom’s car into a tree. Alvin agrees to spend $1500 to fix her car if Paris agrees to be his girlfriend for two weeks so he can become popular. But the pressure to be popular rises, Alvin begins to abandon his friends and family and the life he has always known.

Now by now half of you are probably thinking, “Why should I see this movie?” And the other half are probably thinking, “I thought I saw the same movie in the 80’s, it was called “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Well For those of you who thought it was “Can’t buy Me Love” all over again, well you are right. In fact it is a remake of the 80’s classic, with much, much more of a hip-hop feel to it. Even the name is similar “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” is basically the “New” way of saying “Can’t Buy Me Love.” If you don’t believe me, think back to the days of the Beatles and their song, “Can’t Buy Me Love” and then think to present day J’lo pop music where she sings “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Follow my logic? Not really? Oh well…

The nice thing about this movie is that it has a good message. It once again pushes that being yourself is always the best thing in life, and even if you do become the center of attention it is important to not become to caught up in popularity and forget about the friends that hung out with you even before you were popular. However it also claims that in the end, The geek gets the girl and by standing up for his nerdy friends he will not be beaten to a bloody pulp and stuffed in his locker. So for every good message it has it cancels it self out with the super cheesy fairy tale ending that would never actually happen.

I don’t really have complaints about the acting or the directing, both were far from top notch, but they got the job done in an easy to follow, fairly convincing manner. The film doesn’t boast any big named Hollywood stars (except Steve Harvey, who if you think about it, either Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson or Steve Harvey are in every movie that has a primarily African American cast). Steve Harvey’s role as Alvin’s father is fun entertainment but one can’t help but think he is the African American version of “Jim’s Dad” from the American Pie Series.

In the end, all I can say about Love Don’t Cost a Thing is that it is a middle of the road comedy/teen romance flick that will easily eat away at 2 hours of your life. The end result isn’t bad, nor is it top notch either. Love May Not Cost A Thing, but unfortunately your ticket does… Hold off on this film, it’s worth a rental but not a whole lot more…