A funny thing happened on the way to the moon

A Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Cleverly construed stock footage
Directed by: Bart Sibrel
Rated: Not Rated
Movie Released: 2001

Final Grade:

Hold on everyone: Kanye might be right, and I’m not just talking about Beyonce having one of the best videos of the year (Sorry Taylor). The Government did administer AIDS and George Bush really does hate black people. Kanye’s co-conspiritors Rosie O’Donnell and Jesse “The Body” Ventura have shown me the way of “the truther” movement and how the government were secretly behind 9/11. Yup, I’ll believe all of that the day that I find evidence that flying pigs were really behind attacking Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately in the world there are wingnuts and nutjobs in every spectrum of the world. Political junkies have the liberal wingnuts who think Bush and cronies are oil stealing, war profiteering nuts and right wingers think Obama is just shy of having death panels starting tomorrow. If you listen to Hannity, (3 hours a day, every day…that’s all he asks! (no thanks Sean!)) we are on the slippery slope to the end of mankind. On the flip side Michael Moore and Kieth Olberman will tell you how the world is ending from thier perspective. The point is, there are nut jobs out there. Nutjobs can be entertaining (Fahrenheit 9/11 was fun!!!) but at the end of the day they are just that…nutjobs.

An aquantiance that I happen to know (for the sake of fun, let’s call him “Shanky”) so graciously interrupted a conversation I was having with another person. I was explaining to this other person that my wife’s grandmother was a depression era packrat who saved everything including old newspapers. Upon her death, cleaning out her house was a bit of a chore. We found old newspapers for the Kennedy assassination and the moon landing which my wife and I saved to some day pass on through the family. (The paper also has a nice article about Ted Kennedy drowning someone for those who forgot that story about the liberal lion.) Shanky awkwardly walks up, butts into the conversation and starts to lecture me on every conspiracy theory of the last century. I heard it all, from 9/11 Truther talk, Faked moon landings, Swine flu was created to boost sales in Tamiflu (as a way to clear out the expiring supply- which we do every 12 years with a pandemic), We didn’t win the cold war with Russia (instead we gave the Russians a space shuttle to keep them hush hush about an attempt to steal their sattelite.), we’ve dropped nuclear bombs on ourselves after the Rosewell incident to make us alien resistant (silly guy, I’ve seen Signs…we just need water!), Cheney tortures Arab children in his basement… you know the usual stuff. I escaped after a half hour of lecture and blank starring thinking that it was over. Shanky approached me a week later by running me down and handing me a copy of A Funny thing happened on the way to the moon. He told me once I watched this film my eyes would be open about the vast government conspiracy and I would be a changed man. Still unopened, I took the film home and since I at least had to open it to make it look like I watched it I cracked open the shrink wrap seal. I noticed on the back cover it was only 47 minutes long, so I figured why the hell not?

This review turned into a Trevor Soderstrum movie review that is all focused on Politics and not on the film and since that is his gimmick and not mine, let’s leave the Bush bashing, Obama loving fun to Trevor and get on with the review (Side note: If you don’t know who Trevor is, see the notes at the bottom of this page). There is probably a reason I am babbling about everything but this movie and that is because there is nothing to say about this film.

The film is a conspiracy nutjobs haven. The film tells us that entire moon landing and following NASA projects of the era were all staged fakes. The director relies on either being inaccurate, not telling the full story, or the old favorite “government always lies to us” innuendos. He jumps around claiming he has exclusive, unreleased video that is on any internet site if you do some searching. For every claim that he made, it can be refuted and refuted fairly easily when studied further. Nothing that the film spouted in it’s 47 minutes made me really wonder “what if it was fake?” The director assumes that the people watching this film are the type of people that believe everything that is told to them and do not check on the accuracy or details behind the claims.

Aside from his debunkable claims the documentarian claims that it was all a government conspiracy so NASA could spend 135 billion dollars of taxpayer money to make 9 billion dollars in revenue for those evil big businesses that were friends of friends of NASA. (So that’s where Cheney learned it from!!) He placed his lies in quick rapid fire order amidst footage of vietnam, starving children and famous figures and scenes from the times as a way to keep your mind off of actually thinking about the validity of the statements he is making.

In the end, this film is beyond garbage. Please don’t rent it, don’t buy it. Don’t give the nutjob your few bucks. You could probably find the film on google video and youtube if you want to look. I’m too lazy to look for it and you should too.

**Trevor Soderstrum is a syndicated columnist and friend of the site. In our area Trevor is the movie review guy in Toon’s, the local Ames comics paper. You can find Trevor on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and all those fun places. He’s generally an attention whore, so if you want copies of his reviews, I’m sure he’ll tell you where to get them!!

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