A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Christian Slater
Directed By: John Woo
Rated: Rated R for pervasive graphic war violence, and for language.

Final Grade:

Sitting in a theater on a busier than normal Monday night, I decided to go check out the new Nicolas Cage Flick, Windtalkers. Windtalkers is the Story of a military code that was based on the Navajo language and the Native American who can speak it, and the man that is given orders to protect the code. The movie itself was inspired by true events, but I soon realized, “inspired” can mean a lot. Come to think of it, I believe if you look at the credits of “Disney’s Snow Dogs” it was inspired by true events as well. Last time I checked that was as far from reality as the chance of Toon’s Reviewer Trevor Soderstrum getting a date because of his “cool” movie reviews. (Sorry Trevor!)

Secondly I learned that Director John Woo (Mission Impossible II) is a pyro. Thats right, when he was younger he must have lit everything he saw on fire, because to this day he still is doing it. Woo’s films rely on the special effect of Fire, Fireballs, flames, gunfire, and our favorite action heros outrunning fireballs. His belief that the general public only wants to see things explode is unfortunately true. In fact thats all most of us really want to see anyway right?

So was Windtalkers worth the hype? Sorry but no. THis movie was to debut last September or November, but since that World Trade Center thing (hopefully most of us remember that) it got pushed back, partially because the world was getting sick of the constant stream of war films at the time. A few months later, after the public began to remove themselves from the TV sets, and the War movies come Windtalkers, hoping to turn some heads. Well Congratualations, Mr. Woo, it will turn some heads but not in a positive way.

Cage is a bore to see on the screen in this film, he just doesn’t fit the role of a war hero. He does however have one positive going for him, that famed “creepy” Cage Smile, makes him look even more crazed than he really is. I suppose however, when you are paired with Christian Slater as one of your supporting actors, you would look crazed too. Slater hasn’t seen a role in a good movie since I can’t remember when, and he continued this trend with Windtalkers. Your other Supporting actor was Kickin Wayne “The Firework Selling Indian” in Joe Dirt (Note: Not a good movie either) So seeing him on the screen was more hilarious to me than it probably should have been.
Overall, its been a while since I wrote a review, so I am probably a grouch, but Windtalkers=bad. If you like fire, Nicolas Cage and no plot, this film is for you. But if fire seems to be the only one of those three things that interests, take a trip to Colorado and watch that huge forest fire burn.

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