The Matador

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear
Directed By: Richard Shephard
Rated: R for language, nudity, sexuality and violence.

Final Grade:

What exactly does a former Bond star do when the powers that be decide that he is too old to play the sex charged super spy? They take on far more challenging roles like a down on his luck, aging, sleazy hitman, that’s what they do! Pierce Brosnan stars with Greg Kinnear in this R rated comedy about a sleazy hitman and a ordinary business man who meet up during their “business” trip to Spain. Alone in a foreign country together, the two form a strange bond, and become friends. As their business trips come to a close, each go their seperate ways, until an unexpected Botched hit brings Jullian back into Danny’s life.

Pierce Brosnan pulls off one of the funniest roles of his entire career in this low budget, low brow black comedy. Brosnan’s bad mustace, and strange accent mixed with his eccentric antics make this film enjoyable to watch. Brosnan plays well off of Kinnear’s straight laced morally correct character, Danny, easily making this as great of a duo as Billy Chrystal and Robert DeNiro in Analyze This. Kinnear does a nice job playing the businessman who learns to deal with his newfound friend’s strange but somewhat attractive profession.

The film has a very low budget indie feel to it, and that could be seen as a turn off for the average audiences. It lacks the big budget aspects, but tries to do a decent job of making up for it with witty dialogue and rich colorful characters. Where it goes wrong is some mediocre cinematography and a film that needs a little more time in the editing room. The film feels as though I have seen it before, and I think that is because the film reminded me a lot of Analyze This. Sure the premise is different, but the formula is the same. (Normal Guy + Zany Criminal who wants to change his ways=Black Comedy full of laughs). Where the film really went wrong for me was in a simple font choice! The film tries to use this large print 70’s style lettering to tell us each city in which the action is taking place. The lettering looks as though it is something out a wannabe Quentin Tarrentino film (which should come as no suprise, since Tarrentino helped Weinstein build the Miramax empire).

If you get the chance though, check it out! I had a great time watching The Matador. I watched the movie with a very adament hater of Brosnan who admitted even they enjoyed the film. If you get a chance pick it up on a rental shelf (since this one is flying out of theaters nearly as quickly as it arrives) definitely check it out. It’s going to give you a night of a lot of laughs.

The Verdict:
A great End of the year comedy that few will see. Make sure you’re not one of those people- Check this flick out!

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