A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Milla Jovovich, William Fitchner
Directed By: Kurt Wimmer
Rated: PG-13 for language, partial nudity and violence.

Final Grade:

Long ago I should have realized that modern day Hollywood can’t make a movie that is a equal mix of outstanding visuals, sounds and coherent plot. This concept was reiterated to me last week as I got the chance to check out the comic book film, Ultraviolet.

I’d tell you what the plot of Ultraviolet is, but I’m not really sure what it’s true point was. Violet is a woman who is infected with a disease that she contracted after a government genome project went awry. Now her body infused with super powers, she and some others who have the same fate, decide to fight back against the corporate entity that made them the way they are. But when Violet discovers a young boy that may be the secret to everything, she puts everything on the line to protect him.

In a nutshell, thats all you need to know about Ultraviolet. Questions such as just what exactly does the boy do, and why Violet is who she is, is really not that important. Why does Violet change colors? Who knows. For us who know nothing about the film coming into it, we are completely lost in what may be one of the most plotless idiotic films of this year to date.

Directed by Kurt Wimmer, who was responsible for the Christian Bale Indie hit, Equilibrium took the reigns of Ultraviolet and gave it his best shot. What we get are a lot of high action sequences strung together by a underdeveloped plot line. But before you dismiss Wimmer as the guilty party when it comes to Ultraviolet’s ridiculous plot, it should be noted he is also credited with writing this film. The film is such a piece of pointless drivel that it only pales in comparison to Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever in pointless plot lines strung together by pointless action. Further evidence of this claim lies within the terrible dialog that is so painfully delivered, members of the audience were laughing at what were supposed to be some of the most “intense” parts of the film.

So what exactly does Ultraviolet have to offer? Ultraviolet offers up some cool looking yet still pointless visual effects. However the novelty wears off quickly. After all how many variations of a girl defeating 20 genetic super men that surround her can one take in a film. (I think the correct answer was 4 or 5) The point is, action can only go so far with out a somewhat simplistic but coherent plot Ultraviolet could not deliver that. The only other thing Ultraviolet has to offer is that it sounds good. The sound is great, the action sequences have fantastic audio tracks, and a great soundtrack to back it up. But once again, sound doesn’t make the movie.

The point is, if you want to see Milla Jovovich fire guns and slay some bad guys, go rent Resident Evil (it should be noted, I said Resident Evil, NOT Resident Evil:Apocalypse (she’s in both, but Apocalypse is possibly worse than Ultraviolet)). If you want a slightly better futuristic thrill ride with a lead in tight leather, check out Aeon Flux. (That’s not good either, but if you’re choosing the lesser of two evils, Charlize Theron is hotter anyway). As for going to check out Ultraviolet, save your time and your money. And if you are one of those poor souls who wasted your money already- I’m Sorry!

The Verdict: Not the worst thing I’ve seen, but if you’re not 26 and still living in your Mom’s basement, this film is a waste of time.

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