A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Rated: R for language, nudity, sexuality and violence.

Final Grade:

Box Office Bullet Points: The Movie In A Nutshell

*Highlights the revenge killings after the Munich Olympic Terrorists killed their hostages

*Bana does a nice job in the lead. He proves that he can carry this character driven drama on his own.

*Visually it looks great, really accents the dark and dreary moments with a grey tint to the film

*Suffers from almost as many potential endings at Lord of the Rings Part 3!

*Lengthy but enjoyable for a one time view

Speilberg’s tale of the vengence killings after the terror at the Munich Olympics is being hailed by some critics as the best of the year. In a year that many have called a slow year at the movies, Spielberg’s intense character driven drama begs the question: Is vengence is truly worth it? His tale weaves together the story of 5 men who plan to eliminate the men who planned Munich murders for their country. Their government denies their ties to these men, yet leaves large sums of money in a safe deposit box so the vengence murders can be carried out against some of the highest ranking terrorists in the world.

Spielberg makes Munich lok great due to the great work from the director’s chair. Cinematically this film looks great and is edited in a way that makes you find the the assassins both rutheless yet at the same time human. He not only introduces you to them as they are carrying out their “eye for an eye” vengence plot, but also makes sure you get a feel for what it is like to be an assassin and a family man at the same time and then finishes off the film as he begs the question, once a person starts doing something evil can he or she ever truly leave it behind?

Eric Bana does a fantastic job in the role and his great supporting cast including Daniel Craig make this film a joy to watch. This film is easily note worthy if you are looking for a solid performance and some great directing. However, this film suffers from standard Spielberg syndrome as of late, a little lengthy at times and doesn’t really give you anything that leaves a long lasting impression.

The Verdict:
I’m glad I saw Munich- I just don’t want to see it again. Check it out on a rental!

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