The Weatherman

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Michael Caine
Directed By: Gore Verbinski
Rated: PG13 for Violence and Lanaugage and Other Evil things like that

Final Grade:

Box Office Bullet Points: The Movie In A Nutshell

*Tartar Sauce….Tartar Sauce….Don’t forget the Tartar Sauce….

*Nic cage can play depressing and play it well

*I Finally learned what the “true” meaning of Camel Toe (according to a little girl)

*Product Placement, Product Placement and More Product Placement floods this film!

This film is getting a terrible release and I don’t know why Paramount is so “ashamed” of this film. It’s far from your typical Nic Cage film. More in line with his films of late, it reminded me most of his character from adaptation. Maybe this is the start of a Brukheimer/Bay free Cage? It should be noted, I’m not saying thats a good or a bad thing!

Cage does an outstanding job of playing the down on his luck person. What makes this film enjoyable is watching Cage show us how a person may have a great job but still have a life that sucks. His relationship with his daughter and his son is hilarious to watch on screen. Filled with awkward scenes, it shows us that no matter how hard he tries he has one of the worst relationships no matter how hard he tries. That same awkward relationship also extends to his relationship between he and his father (Michael Caine) a famed writer who is dying of a terminal illness.

The lesson behind Weatherman is what really drives the film home. Just like predicting the weather, Cage learns that life is unpredictable at times. Sometimes it’s going to rain on your parade and sometimes it’s going to be sunny and beautiful. You can’t control life, but you can let it control you.
The Verdict:
An enjoyable character study that you probably won’t find in theaters long. While very enjoyable, this film isn’t a must see on the big screen. Check it out as a rental. Save yourself some money and pick it up at your local video store for a nice relaxing nite on your couch with a great cast and great story.

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