War of the Worlds

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for frightening sequences of sci-fi violence and disturbing images.
Starring:Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins
Directed By:Steven Spielberg

Final Grade:

Few things frighten all of us earthlings like the end of the world does. For years people have told of an advanced race of higher space beings that will inevitably come our planet with plans for a hostile take over. And with the new findings that we discover every day about life and space, no wonder it gives some sci-fi fans the chills. Director Steven Spielberg decided to give us a little taste of what this takeover could be like in his new film, War of the Worlds.

For years aliens have plotted against us, burying their plans for mass destruction beneath the earth long before humans inhabited the earth. Then while the world carries on its daily lives they watched until the time seems right to strike. War of the Worlds tells the story of the chaos attached to the extermination of mankind by the aliens who plan to make earth their new home.

The plot may seem crazier than Tom Cruise (although if you are reading Mr. Cruise we all love you and you are a fantastic human being), but director Steven Spielberg brings it to life with great ease. The story flows nicely from point to point, the destruction of the world as we know it looks incredible. The work that was done in the special effects department was phenomenal. It gives every natural disaster film of the last 10 years a good run for its money. Spielberg also finds a way to make the characters believable, and despite the crazy idea, as an audience you feel like you are trapped right in the middle of the chaos. Your heart is racing right along with the actors. It’s very well directed. Great Job Mr. Spielberg!

Tom Cruise does an excellent job as well, despite of what you may think of his off screen antics. War of the Worlds gives you a chance to look at Cruise again and say “Oh Yeah, I may think he may be nuttier than Mr. Peanut but this is why I love him.” Co-starring with Mr. Cruise is the lovable blonde, young Dakota “Swinging Door” Fanning who plays Cruise’s fearful young daughter perfectly. Also add the talents of veteran actor Tim Robbins and a great bookend narration by the gifted Morgan Freeman and you have a plethora of talent bringing Spielberg’s Vision to life.

Where war of the Worlds falters is the “How do you end the world?” question. No one wants to see the bad guys win. But if you let the humans win isn’t that a little absurd as well? Spielberg gets trapped with that dilemma himself and it does take away from the film overall. Before I get complaint letters about he was following books etc., I wanted to say just once I want to be wowed by a film. Maybe the Underdogs actually lose? That would be interesting.

Should you go or not? Stops trying to figure it out, and just go already. If you haven’t seen it already you’re missing out. In the time its taken you to read this review and decide to go Tom Cruise has already Married Katie Holmes, they now have a 9 year old daughter, and he has fluffed the couch cushions of 50 more talk show hosts with his feet! Just go check it out before your opinion of Cruise keeps you from the film. This is the blockbuster of the summer season and is living up to the hype. It looks and sounds great on the big screen. Head out to the theaters and check it out.

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