The Perfect Man

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG for some mildly suggestive content. Starring:Hillary Duff, Heather Locklear, Chris Noth Directed By:Mark Rosman

Final Grade:

The Curse continues…. Never tell a friend that you will watch all Hillary Duff movies if he watches all Lindsay Lohan films. I guess I can now say I am happy because I did not have to see Herbie Fully Loaded, but I did have to sit through the latest Hillary Duff vehicle, “The Perfect Man.”

Hillary Duff stars as the new kid in school, Holly, who has the world’s most embarrassing mom. Her mother keeps getting dumped and takes it out on the kids by moving around a lot. In order to keep he mom form embarrassing her at PTA meetings and school events, Holly starts sending secret messages to her mom pretending to be “Her Perfect Man.” With the help of a new friend and her smooth talking Uncle who claims to know everything about what women really want, she thinks that she will keep her Mom convinced her perfect man is out there. What she doesn’t think about is what happens when her little white lie catches up with her?

Duff once again plays the girl who doesn’t fit in. And once again I ask, whom is she trying to fool? Duff isn’t that type of person; she seems more like the type of girl that would be picking on those girls instead. But none the less she tries to fool us again by once again mugging the camera, and being incredibly annoying as always.

Playing the role of her mother, is the wonderful Heather Locklear. The aging Locklear is definitely struggling for roles and has now moved onto playing housewives. It’s a progression all actresses head towards as they stay in the business, but for me this seemed a bit odd. What frightened me even more is that this movie is about someone as beautiful as Heather Locklear and how she can’t get a date with a good guy! Sorry Girls but if Heather Locklear can’t find a good guy, there isn’t a lot of hope left for all of you!

Also joining the cast is Chris Noth, who is better known to Women as Mr. Big from Sex and the City. North does a nice job, but halfway through I realized that Hilary Duff keeps working with Sex and the City Stars and that kept me from paying attention to him or his character. Last year we saw her in a film with John Corbett (Raise Your Voice) and Now Noth. That means her next film should be with Ron Livingston who also guest starred on the show. You heard it here first guys!

I’m trying to think of good things to say, but I can’t. This is cheesy formulaic crap that was churned out quickly with out a lot of thought put into it. With big budget summer fun out and about; avoid this film like the plague. Why this was a summer release, I don’t know. This is normally they type of Hollywood drivel they dump on you in January and February. It’s truly a waste of money. If you’re in the mood for a mediocre chick flick you could pick it up on rental shelves in a month or so, but why waste your time? I hate spending time watching “bad” cinema. Unfortunately for your guy’s sanity, I do it for you. Don’t follow in my footsteps. Rumors have it that Interrogators are now using Christina Aguilera Music to torture prisoners. It’s only a matter of time before they move to cruel and unusual punishment- making them watch a Hillary Duff Film Marathon…

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