In Good Company

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and drug references. 
Starring:Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid 
Directed By:Paul Wietz 

Final Grade: 

It’s the little sleeper hits in Hollywood that are sometimes the most fun to watch. Maybe that is because you get a great little flick that sneaks up and takes you by surprise. 2004 finished off it’s year with “In Good Company,” A great little sleeper film that turned out to be a great little end of the year delight.

Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansen team up to bring audiences the story of an advertising firm that is going through some big changes. After years of being head of advertising, Dan Foreman (Quaid) is being replaced by a young hotshot named Carter Dureya (Topher Grace). Carter is alone and confused in this new business world and tries to recruit the at first reluctant Dan to be his “awesome wingman.” Since he can’t afford to lose his job Dan accepts Carter’s offer. Carter begins to latch on to Dan because he admires Dan’s balance between his work and his family life at home. After inviting himself over for dinner one night, Carter finds himself falling in love with Dan’s daughter. In Good Company tells the tale of two men, one young, one old who learn a lot from each other about what really makes you a success in life.

Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace did an excellent job in this film. Dennis Quaid has had a big year in 2004 finding his way into roles in the Day After Tomorrow, Flight of The Phoenix and In Good Company. If you want an A list actor for a low price Dennis Quaid is the way to go. He proves time and time again that he is a great actor who is a recognizable name without the big pay. His Co-Star Topher Grace finds is the star of “That 70’s Show” and is quickly becoming a rising star. It just proves that while “That 70’s Show” may have given us Ashton Kutcher, it balances out by giving us Topher Grace. The actor has a bright future a head of him.

The story flows well from point to point and doesn’t really turn out to be the story book cookie cutter tale you expect it to be. As an audience member you connect with the characters and quickly warm up to this lighthearted tale. The film flourishes because of it’s great cast, great little story and great dialouge all packaged up in one nice little feel good package.

All in all, I’ll make this review short and sweet. In Good Company is a fun little flick that fits nicely with the end of the year flicks. It’s a well-crafted flick that may not get any Oscar attention and doesn’t tout a all star cast but it does what it is designed to do, it entertains. But all in all this is a film that would have the same effect on TV in your own homes as it does on the big screen. While I suggest it’s worth checking out, it’s more of a rental flick than something to rush out to theaters to see. 

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