Dodgeball: A true underdog story

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for rude and sexual humor, and language
Starring:Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Rip Torn, Steven Root, and Chuck Norris!
Directed By:Rawson Marshall Thurber

Final Grade:

Ever since the origin of man, competition has been part of human nature. Proving to someone that one human being is bigger, stronger or faster is what makes this world tick. Sports like boxing and wrestling still carry on today as well as a ton of other sports worldwide. Each year more people watch sports than any other thing on television. There are championships for every sport you can think of, including cheerleading, darts and even curling. Most competitive sports have spawned a movie as well, there are countless movies about football, baseball, pool, golf, soccer, and you name it. And so why wouldn’t there be a film made about one of the greatest games ever created: Dodgeball.

Everyone has played dodgeball at least once in his or her lives. If they haven’t played dodgeball then they must have an empty void in their life that has no meaning. One of the world’s most pointless games, the object is to simply divide into two teams (in most Physical Ed classes this normally means the “jocks” vs. the “geeks”) and then hurl small rubber balls at each other. Until someone smacks you with a ball, you are still in the game. If you get whacked, you’re out. It’s the perfect game to let out all your aggressions. How many other games in the world allow you to pummel your opponents by whacking them with rubber balls? Well finally the movie world has created a movie about the sport that is just as pointless as the game itself.

Dodgeball: A true underdog story is the tale of two rival gyms, Globogym (a huge corporate gym with millions of dollars and an egotistical maniac for an owner) and Average Joe’s gym (the local gym across the street). In debt up to his ankles and the bank threatening foreclosure, the owner of Average Joe’s Gym is in a pretty tight predicament. But refusing to be bought out by their rival, Globogym, the member’s of Average Joe’s Gym decide to join the National Dodgeball Tourney in hopes to win the Grand prize of $50,000. With the help of a retired 7 time dodgeball champion, Patches O’Halligan, this group of misfits and losers learn what it means to be the underdog as they take on some of the countries toughest dodgeball teams and attempt to save their gym.

Does this movie sound pointless? If you said yes, then you are absolutely right! But that is what makes this movie so much fun. The only point of this movie is to laugh at people getting whacked with a rubber ball. There is something that makes you laugh every time you see someone get smacked with a ball, and this film realizes it. They also made sure they filled the cast with two great comedic actors, Ben Stiller as the leader of Globogym and the equally funny Vince Vaughn as the leader of Average Joe’s Gym. Chalked full of cameos from the likes of William Shatner, Chuck Norris, Lance Armstrong and more this film is full of some really great laughs.

Stiller and Vaughn work perfectly together, they have a great chemistry together on the screen. Stiller gives another great performance as that not so bright, zany idiot, and Vaughn pretty much does the same thing he always does, and is funny because of his dry humor and stupid one liners. For Stiller the film is reminiscent of the same type of humor we saw him pull off in Zoolander, which was his take on the male modeling profession. Zoolander fans will find that many of the cast from Zoolander has crept into the cast list as fellow dodgeball players. Also tossed into the mix is Stephen Root (Office Space’s “Milton”) who is the loveable moron you love to see on the screen.

In the end, the point of dodgeball is that there is no point. It’s a ridiculous zany comedy that makes you laugh at its sheer lunacy. It strays away from becoming too rediculous and taps into the idea that people getting smacked with a ball is funny. If you are a fan of films like Zoolander, want to waste some cash on something completely light hearted and fun then Dodgeball is the film for you. There is just something about it that makes it fun.

By the time I exited the theater; I had the urge to go play dodgeball. Being an “Average Joe” myself, it gave me the inspiration to get together with a bunch of other people and get smacked in the head with a rubber ball. Sadly enough, not enough people my age have seen this film yet and do not share my urges quite yet. So go to your local theater, have some great laughs, learn the 5 D’s of Dodgeball and the then call me up and challenge me to a dodgeball game.

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