Mean Girls

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for sexual content, language and some teen partying.
Starring:Lindsay Lohan, Tim Meadows, Rachel McAdams
Directed By:Mark S. Waters

Final Grade:

Some say the teenage years are the hardest years of a person’s life. I beg to differ, but I will admit there is a lot of pressure around that age. Pressure from parents to take on more responsibility and pressure from your teachers at school telling you must pick what you want to do for the rest of your life. And most of all Peer Pressure. The pressure that nags at you all the time to drink, smoke, fight or whatever else deems you as “cool” by the in crowd. As tough as this was for a guy, I have some sympathy for the teenage girl. The popular teen girl is like a caged animal poised and ready to strike. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what it strikes just as long as it can maliciously overpower another one of its kind. It makes fun of clothing styles, choices in boys and whatever else It can think of just to be the most popular. If you’ve ever been a witness to such a thing, or been the victim of such acts, then mean girls just might be for you.

Freaky Friday Star Lindsay Lohan picks up this role and plays Cady, a girl who recently moves to a public school after years of home schooling. She quickly learns that popularity is a hard thing to gain and an even harder thing to keep up with. Being the new girl she is quickly befriended by some of the schools lesser popular kids who convince her that if she helps them destroy the schools “mean girls” (the popular group) that she would help bring peace and harmony to the school or something of the sort. Naïve and wanting to make friends, Cady decides to set out to destroy the popular crowd by befriending them and finding their weaknesses. However when her new gained popularity from hanging out with the popular group rises, Cady has to try and keep a level head and not forget about the little people, while still bringing the “mean girls” down.

Lindsay Lohan has the potential to be a great actress. Not quite eighteen (I know this because The Mike is counting the days till her birthday) the actress has hit big time stardom in the last year, and you find her and Hilary Duff battling it out for the top spot of teenage superstar in both music and movies. Lohan seems to be taking second fiddle to Duff in the end, even though in my mind it is clear that Lohan has the potential to be a real actress in time. Lohan does another great job in Mean Girls just as she has in her last 2 movies, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Freaky Friday. At such a young age, she has accomplished a lot, and her acting skills and her on screen charm have captured the eyes of a lot of critics. Like her or hate her, Lohan is a force to be reckoned with in the future, as long as she eventually branches out from the Genre she has blossomed from. Her performance in Mean Girls is not anything different than her other two movies. She plays the same character time and time again. I hope that eventually she will find a way to make it to the next level. She really could make it in Hollywood as long as she doesn’t get stereotyped as a teen drama star for the rest of her life.

The film isn’t only Lohan’s chance to shine, she has a strong supporting cast. Many of them are lesser known in Hollywood but do a nice job none the less. Produced by Lorne Michaels, the film has plenty of the cast of Saturday Night Live hidden away in it. Tim Meadows as a principal, Tina Fey as a teacher, and Ana Gasteyer and Amy Poehler all make appearances in the film. Meadows is especially fun to watch in the film, and I got a great laugh at his character during the fire sprinkler incident.

The plot of Mean Girls is so corny at parts that it makes you squirm from just plain idiocy. But then again, I am not a teen girl, so It not my type of film. The movie pushes its limits and almost becomes too unrealistic to believe at parts, but then just before it becomes too over the top, it pulls back on course and carries out just fine. The film itself is decently directed for the genre, and all in all I can’t say I have too many complaints in this area. Mean Girls isn’t aspiring to win the Academy Awards for directing, and it shows, but it isn’t a catastrophe like You Got Served either. In the end, for the Genre, Mean Girls is pretty good. I admit, as a 22-year-old guy, I had fun watching it. I would like to think if I have a good time watching it, the audience it is intended for should have just as much fun. It may be easily forgettable in years, but it’s a fun flick to help us all make that transition into the big summer blockbuster season of films. It’s Cheesy, it’s over the top in spots, and it’s a little cliché, but it was so much fun, this is a guilty pleasure I can’t help but suggest.

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