Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen

A Film Review By The Mike

Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Adam Garcia, Carol Kane
Directed By: Sara Sugarman

Final Grade:

You know the old cliché “I’m not sure whether I’m laughing with you or if I’m laughing at you”? Well, it’s the prefect way to explain the latest teen comedy from Disney, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, starring Lindsay Lohan. There are moments throughout the first act of the film that had me howling at the ludicrous plotline. But, that’s kind of the movie’s point.

The film revolves around a girl who insists on being called Lola, despite her birth name of Mary. She’s a dreamer, who aspires to be an actress, and practices her craft in real life. When her mother moves her and her sisters out of New York City and into suburban New Jersey, Lola considers her chance ending and her life descending into normalcy. For Lola, nothing can be too glamorous, too dramatic, or too important as long as it brightens the events she lives through. Everything becomes an elaborate event that she must conquer, whether it’s the breakup of her favorite band or the competition for the school play’s lead.

Lindsay Lohan proved herself last year in the surprise hit Freaky Friday, and continues her charismatic young career here. With proper maturing, she has what it takes to be a Hollywood star for years to come. She seems VERY comfortable in the role, which could be a bad sign for her maturing future, but I think she could pull through with flying colors. Her supporting cast is excellent as well, with great bit parts from Carol Kane as her drama teacher and Glenne Headly as her mother. She shares the most screentime with her friend Ella, who’s played by Allison Pill, a young character actress who also appeared in Pieces of April last year. She too, could have a bright future in film. But, the film’s best comedic moments come late in the film, when Lola and Ella meet the drunk lead singer of their favorite band, played by Adam Garcia with great comedic timing.

The script, for what it is, is pretty funny. Lola is an over-the-top drama queen, as the title obviously tells, and thus the role sometimes seems ludicrously overacted by Lohan. But, when viewed in context, it makes sense. Kane hams it up as usual as the teacher, perhaps representing what Lola could become if her acting career doesn’t take off. The interactions between Lola and the older characters, especially Garcia’s inebriated rock star, who hits with perfectly timed zingers, are perfectly representative of her nature, and at times border on cuteness.

Of course, the film comes with the standard teen movie flaws. The direction is substandard at times, and a few of her hyper-colored daydream sequences are painfully executed. And it also, of course, comes with the standard teen side characters, and predictable plot twists that lead to a Hollywood ending. Is it a good movie? No.

But, it is good for the audience it’s meant for, and has a little crossover charm as a straight comedy for all. As a genre picture, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen hits all the right notes, and Lindsay Lohan holds her own once again. If nothing else, it’s a good showing of what could be one of Hollywood’s upcoming superstars.

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