Chasing Liberty

A Film Review By The Mike

Rating:PG-13 for brief Nudity/Butt-doubles
Starring: Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, Jeremy Piven
Directed By: Andy Cadiff

Final Grade:

It’s become increasingly obvious the romantic comedies starring anyone under 25 need not have a worthwhile script or competent direction to make money. The girls of America flock to them regardless of quality. So when I saw that Chasing Liberty, the latest from that cute little Mandy Moore, was a big box office loser, I had to scratch my head. After seeing the film, I understand why, and have hope that not all of America is doomed.

OK, that was harsh. But films like this have to be stopped. Chasing Liberty is a good idea for a rom com, which should be a movie. But studios need to realize that they can’t expect to get away with making a movie dirt-cheap when they won’t spend on a writer or director that knows what they’re doing. I’m not asking for perfection. Not every romance film has to be Casablanca or The Princess Bride. But an effort should be put forth.

I suppose I should talk about the movie. Chasing Liberty stars Mandy Moore, and extremely attractive and mildly talented actress. She’s going to be a star, and unlike the likes of Britney Spears, probably deserves to be one. Combine her with a decent young actor to make the young ladies drool, and you should be able to make a film that works.

But, as I’ve harped on before, the effort just isn’t there. The producers of Chasing Liberty knew that people would pay to see pretty people in pretty places, regardless of quality. Therefore they hired the worst director possible, who appears to have less talent than those making commercials for local businesses, along with purchasing a wordy and overexplanatory script that lacks enough humor. They even went cheap in the music department, going with one of the worst musical scores I’ve ever heard.

Like I said though, these things don’t really matter. The film boasts beautiful settings, beautiful people, and the uncanny comedy of Jeremy Piven, who almost saves the film from its perils single-handedly. If one looks at the film as a young girl would, they’ll probably enjoy it. If one acts like a brain-carrying human, they won’t.

I sound like I hate this movie, but I don’t. I just want something more, and don’t see why most people don’t feel the same. Mandy Moore could be a wonderful romantic star with the right script and costar. But this isn’t her time yet.

P.S. – The film’s grade has been raised two notches due to the involvement of Miss Holly Dunlay, the 23rd extra in Scene 48. She’s cool.

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