Something’s Gotta Give

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated R for lots of language, nudity and adult situations
Starring:Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Amanda Peet, Keanu Reeves
Directed By:Nancy Myers

Final Grade:

Being a smooth one with the ladies…it isn’t my thing. After all, Why else would I be spending all my time at a movie theater watching movies if I could get whatever gorgeous supermodel of a girlfriend that I wanted? That’s right fans, believe it or not, I am a self proclaimed “Film Nerd.” In fact my luck with the ladies is about equally as good as The Mike’s or Toons writer Trevor Soderstrum. Yup plain and simple our chances of smooth talking the ladies are about as good as the chance of Kevin Costner being forgiven for making waterworld, or Hugh Grant starring as the next James Bond.

Luckily for us that are not so lucky when it comes too wooing women, we have people that can teach us a thing or two in the movies. One of these men is Jack Nicholson. Jack has a reputation of being a charming suave, cocky debonaire both on the screen and off the screen. He is known for charming the ladies and being more promiscuous than a group of Rabbits in the springtime. And in his new movie, Something’s Gotta Give Jack shows us that he can still put on a good show.

In Something’s Gotta Give, Jack plays Harry, a aging gentlemen who has made his fortunes in a record producing company he started from the ground up. He lives a life where everything is at his fingertips including any girl he so desires. While retreating with one of his “flings,” a girl played by Amanda Peet, Harry Suffers a heart attack and is forced to bed rest for an extended period of time. Too far away from home to travel, a young doctor (Keanu Reeves) tells Harry to stay at his “flings” house until he is well enough to travel again. The only problem is that means he must stay with his girlfriend’s mother (Diane Keaton), a bitter writer who is approximately the same age as him, and doesn’t approve of Harry dating her daughter.

Now everyone sees this film laid out in front of them like the easiest 100-piece puzzle in the world. You know the kind of Puzzle a 5-year-old puts together. Of course everyone can tell as much as Jack and Diane’s characters hate each other that it is only a matter of time before “something’s gotta give” and they fall in love after Jack has his cathartic moment and realizes the life he is living is wrong. But it is getting to that point that is fun.

Through a series of fun events and embarrassing moments on screen, the Audience falls for the characters, Especially Diane Keaton. Her performance is great, not quite flawless but an excellent job. We watch her character nearly melt into someone different by the end of the film and we almost forget that we are watching a character being portrayed by someone rather than a real person. I’m going out on a limb here (and will probably be wrong!) and saying that Keaton has an Oscar Nomination coming her way for this film. As for Nicholson, well Jack plays Jack. It’s hard to really tell someone, “Wow, you were truly fantastic playing “yourself” on the big screen.” If that isn’t what the real Jack is like, that is the perception many people have of him, and so it is hard for me to really praise him for trying to be “himself.” Plus his character isn’t much of a stretch from his Oscar Winning Performance in “As Good as It Gets.”

The Problem with this film is that it tries to make you love everyone. Of course they throw in conflict, Diane Keaton begins to fall for the young Doctor played by Reeves, who gracefully steps out of her life for the sake of her “destiny” with the cathartic Harry character at the end of the film. But as much as they try to make everyone loveable, Harry doesn’t seem to me to be that loveable of a character. In fact, he is downright bitter, arrogant, cocky and just a terrible person. Sure he finds the error in his ways, and then gets the girl and you start loving him by the end, but It is hard to justify why Keaton would leave her young doctor who would rope the moon for her if she would ask him to for Harry. Some will justify this by saying, “They Were Soulmates” But I justify it by saying, They just wanted a “happy” ending for the Harry Character.

The other issue with this film is a little bit of a dragging runtime, It boasts a little over 2 hours and by the end you are stating to feel it.

None the less, I think this film has its moments of greatness that are good enough for me to recommend it to someone. This is a film that will definitely appeal to the “older” crowd rather than the 20-year-old college student, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find enjoyment in it as well. As far as Romantic Comedies go, there are few out there right now that are as good as this one (Other Than Love Actually), so go jump in a line and check it out.

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