Pride and Prejudice

A Film Review By The Mike

Rating:RATED PG for being PG like
Starring: Kam Heskin, Orlando Seale
Directed By: Andrew Black

Final Grade:

I’m pretty sure Jane Austen never wrote anything about people eloping in Vegas as part of a gambling scheme. And I doubt she even knew what Mormonism was. That being said, one wouldn’t think that her work would translate well to modern Utah. Surprisingly, it does.

The story of Elizabeth Bennett is a simple one. She lives with four roommates (a Bolivian hottie, an introvert, a rich girl and her clutzy sister), goes to college, and is an amateur novelist. She’s also a 26 year old who’s not sure about the purposes of love and marriage, especially when her suitors are a obnoxious fat guy, a slimy pretty boy, and a British snob.

Jane Austen would not have approved of the last paragraph. Neither would the Mormon producers of the film, who make sure to put their stamp on the film. But you get the point.

The film benefits greatly from a marvelous script, which is perfectly adapted into the modern setting. Being male, I have never read Austen’s novel, and doubt that the adaptation is entirely fitting. But on its own, it’s perfect, laced with adequate amounts of romance and comedy.

Like most independent projects, the film has many flaws. The editing is rough, and at times too flashy. The title cards that pop up often get annoying, and the use of pastel colors is at times overbearing.

Many will criticize the film’s acting, but I didn’t find it to be a drawback. Stars Kam Heskin and Orlando Seale were perfectly cast, especially Heskin, who’s almost always onscreen. The supporting cast of players are mostly all portraying annoying or dumb characters, which they seem perfect at. I really found the cast to be among the film’s strongest points.

Looking back, I think this version of Pride and Prejudice could work really well for its target audience. It’s a chick flick with good humor, morals, and ideas, which should at least be a solid date movie. Hopefully it will get its due, and this limited theatrical release will lead to wider gains. After considering the film, and dropping my pride and my prejudice, I’m rooting for this little film to go far.

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