Scary Movie 3

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated PG-13 for pervasive crude and sexual humor, language, comic violence and drug references
Starring:Charlie Sheen, Anna Ferris, Pamela Anderson
Directed By:David Zucker

Final Grade:

A few years back I crept into Scary Movie, thinking that I was going to be in to see something just shy of comic genius. While the younger kids of my generation told me that it was going to be the greatest thing I there world, I went along with them and wasted my money. I was picked on and ridiculed for not liking the 3 hours of non stop sex and toilet humor jokes that had gone way too far in my mind. I wanted my $6 back. A few years after that I decided that maybe the sequel to scary movie might not be that bad. Boy was I wrong again. This time fewer things were spoofed and more things revolved around the main characters finding them selves in situations where they are surrounded by bad sex jokes, and people vomiting on each other. Needless to say I was more annoyed at a loss of time than I ever was before and vowed to never see another scary movie film again.

Well my vow was broken as Scary Movie 3 hit theaters just about a week ago. Although this one I thought had some potential. The Wayans brothers who had their hands in the first two took a vacation from this film and Hollywood rumors flew of Kevin Smith trying his hand at some of the writing. When the film was finally put together it was dropped in the hands of the Makes of Airplane! And told to bring the Scary Movie Franchise another hit after a lackluster second film.

The plot, well as in any Scary Movie film there is no plot. Plot is not the key. The key is to spoof and make fun of every potentially scary movie made in the last few years, as well as poke fun at pop culture of the time. If a plot did exist it has something to do with a broadcast journalist trying to find the truth behind a mysterious videotape that if you watch it you will die in seven days. Somehow they believe this is connected to the aliens that are leaving crop circles in a farmer and his young son’s (who wants to be a white rapper) field.

Amazingly to a certain degree this film worked far better than the first two. The first key to this one’s success was to cut it down to a PG-13 rating. Although the sexual innuendo is still there in every scene, it doesn’t try to rely on gross out humor to pull you along. The humor comes in quick burst of machine gun fire jokes, they hit and miss at times, but come at you so quickly and with such force it’s hard to not find yourself chuckling. It’s never full out sections of the film that make you laugh uncontrollably but instead little things like “the mysterious caller” looking for “the precious” or a rap battle that is reminiscent of 8-Mile. Plus if you were not a huge fan of the movie Signs, they make sure they take every opportunity to make fun of the supposed suspenseful M. Night Shyamalan Flick.

In the end though it’s hard for me to really stand up and cheer for this flick. While it does a lot of things better than it’s predecessors, it is still far from being cream of the crop. I think the best way for me to describe this film is that no matter how much you do to make a steaming pile of crap smell better, in the end it is still just that…a pile of crap no matter how nice it smells. Well my thoughts on Scary Movie 3 were about the same. Although it gave me a few good chuckles and an overall feeling that for once I didn’t want my time back after watching a film from the “Scary Movie” franchise, I still felt it reeked of overall mediocrity and in some ways just good taste.

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