Beyond Borders

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated R for language and war-related violence 
Starring:Clive Owen, Angelina Jolie 
Directed By:Martin Campbell 

Final Grade: 

A lot of times in life there are things out there that may seem like a good idea at first glance but once they are actually done they turn out to be not quite as expected. Many times in the world of film you stumble upon such things as well. By initial readings of plot lines, characters involved and scripts the film might seem as though it could prove to be a decent flick, but when the product hits the theaters it is actually much more hit and miss than it is anything else. And so is the story for the latest attempt by Angelina Jolie, Beyond Borders.

Angelina Jolie must have decided to use up the rest of her frequent flyer miles from her trips she made for the last Tomb Raider movie, and found herself in a movie where she travels to help poor unfortunate starving Ethiopians. During her quest to help the people from 3rd world countries she discovers a love interest with a man named Nick, played by Clive Owen. But she soon learns that sometimes the cost of helping people isn’t what she initially expected. She finds her love interest selling guns in order to fund his world relief program.

Someone else who saw this film told me this is the type of movie that Kevin Costner would give his left arm to star in. I find that kind of funny since Clive Owen was actually Kevin Costner’s replacement for the film when Jolie and Costner decided that they could not work together. It was then that Clive Owen got his chance to co-star with Jolie in the film, and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in future years of American Cinema. Owen already has a strong following in Britain and if given the right roles it won’t be long until he is another household name. Owen already has been rumored to be the next James Bond, and if he indeed does become the sex charged super spy his rise to stardom may be much quicker than even he may have expected. But sadly enough this just wasn’t the script that is going to catapult him to super stardom.

Like I stated before it wasn’t the acting that made this film reeks of mediocrity but instead it’s just that the film has nothing of true excitement to offer. There is nothing really worth noting when it comes to directing style, nothing amazing cinematically either. It’s just a decently done average film.

Sadly enough this film will quickly find its way out of theaters, quickly hidden amongst the other films that are flooding the box offices. Soon enough Beyond Borders will be beyond theaters and beyond the memories of most of the audience that saw it, unless you are a die hard Angelina Jolie fan or a die hard Clive Owen fan. 

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