Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated PG for action sequences and peril.
Starring: Sly Stallone, Daryl Sabara, Alexa Vega
Directed By:Robert Rodriguez

Final Grade:

In a world filled with digital technology that the average moviegoer can’t begin to comprehend, and a world where box offices are dominated by movies that are special effects and no longer a plot, it is a surprise and a joy to find a film that can be both a visual treat as well as a enjoyable movie experience. I was lucky enough to get the chance to see a film such as that this weekend.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over opened this week, the 3rd film in a series of Spy Kids movies that have brought people back to the box offices year after year. The series is basically James Bond for little kids; an action packed spy movie, where a brother and sister team is our heroic duo. They are part of a family of spies working for the OSS, a secret organization that fights the world’s most evil villains. This film is no different than its predecessors, as our mini spies this time fight an evil computer programmer named “The Toymaker” who plans to enslave all the children of the world by brainwashing them with his newest video game. It is up to our micro sized heroes to stop the Toymaker by entering the “world of the game” and shut it down, before it goes online for the entire world.

The nice thing about this flick is that Director Robert Rodriguez has a special power, and is able to bring back everyone, and I do mean everyone from the previous two films at least for a few minute cameo shots if nothing else. Although the film instead chooses to focus on the real heroes, the kids, instead of introducing a large colorful cast of characters into the mix.

Daryl Sabara does a great job and you can almost tell that his acting ability has matured from the first film. However his performance is easily overshadowed by that of Sylvester Stallone who plays the Toymaker. I don’t know about you guys but up until this film, I never thought of Stallone as a computer programmer. But amazingly enough the role works well for him. Stallone as a demented Toymaker who wants to dominate the world is both humorous because it is Stallone, and just plain fun, because of the character. If nothing else any fan of Stallone should be able to get a kick out of his performance, which is far from his trademark Rocky or Rambo of the past. And if nothing else, the cameo by George Clooney (and the film’s outtakes at the end) make the flick worth a few good laughs.

Sadly enough the one thing that really let the film down was Rodriguez choice of going 3-D. Although the idea was a blast from the past, and I am sure many of the kids of this generation don’t remember the days of goofy looking 3-D glasses, and the grey scale feel of 3-D movies, for those of us who have outgrown that stage of our lives, the 3-D is almost annoying. It downgrades the color of the movie, which is something all the Spy Kids films have always done a great job with. Never the less it is fun to see something return to it’s roots and go back to the old elements of 3-D in a world of computer technology. Like I said, the kids of this generation don’t remember those movies, so to them this new experience of things flying out of the screen at them makes for a really fun movie experience.

Our plot is nothing great either, it’s a little kid trapped in a video game who is trying to beat it before the Toymaker creates havoc on the entire world. Its plot is about as bad as a James Bond flick, nothing shy of pointless action scenes, and cool gadgets. In fact the only thing this film doesn’t have that a bond flick does have is sexual innuendoes. (But then again, would you really want those in a kiddie flick?)

In the end though Rodriguez’s newest flick turns out to be a success. Filled with fun and enjoyment for the little ones, Spy kids 3-D does exactly what it is supposed to do for its intended audience. It aims to entertain and does that fairly well. It follows perfectly in suit with the Previous 2 films and make for an enjoyable family day at the movies. And for those of us, who just want to kick back, have some fun and relieve our childhood days of 3-D and laugh at some fun cameos, well this little flick just might be up your alley too.

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