Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated PG-13 for some sex-related humor
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Sally Field, Bob Newhart
Directed By:Charles Herman-Wurmfeld

Final Grade:

It was a hot summer day in my little town. Sweat was dripping off anyone who was even standing still in the heat that day. I was playing little league baseball that year, and to be honest, our team kind of sucked. None of us really cared about winning or losing, and I assure you the reason we said that was because we always lost. That particular day we had a 2 games in the tournament, so in between games a bunch of us ran over to the local gas station and grabbed ourselves a stockpile of sodas, pixie stix, snicker bars and about every other sugar coated candy we could think of. When game time came around we were all racing around from sugar highs, but eventually the fun sugar buzz wore off and we all got sick to our stomachs. We blamed our loss that day to sugar overload, and today I blame Elle Woods for having the same problem.

Blonde Delta Nu Goddess, Elle Woods, Returned to the big screen this week in the sequel to last years fun comedy, Legally Blonde. In the original we saw Elle go to law school, and despite all the wise cracks and jokes, she proved them all wrong by winning a big case due to her cosmo girl antics. This time it isn’t much different, Elle is now a full blown lawyer, but when she is fired for speaking up for animal rights, she takes her dog Brusier to Washington D.C. to fight her bill called “Bruiser’s Bill” to the bitter end.

I will start off by saying I really enjoyed the first Legally Blonde. The character was fun, the story was kind of creative and the end result was a sugary movie that was an all around crowd pleaser. Unfortunately this time Elle Brings nothing new to the table. Her character in fact may have become more annoying than she was in the first film. Everything she said sounded so cute and sugary that you wanted to just eat it up and enjoy it, but in the end all it did was turn out to be sickening in the end.

The problem with this film is that it took a different approach than the first one. The first flick put plot first, and put less emphasis on the cutesy baby talk, and the color pink. This flick on the other hand is a pink party filled with sickening cutesy lines and sugar coated garbage. They don’t have to try hard on the plot because we’ve seen it before. It’s different characters but the same plot. It’s kind of like watching Rambo II right after Rambo III, or Men In Black and then Men In Black II. You’ve seen it once, but you don’t need to see it again.

The criticism will fly and people will say that I was not the target audience, but I ask who is? It’s to cutesy for just about anyone. It was hard for me to sit through the entire flick, my brain was suffering from excessive cuteness and pink overload. In the end it was the cuteness of Reese Witherspoon that kept me there. And Reese was fine…to look at. It was just every time that she or any other character opened her mouth that I cringed.

In the end, I’ve never seen a movie with more pink than the Pink Panther himself, and I haven’t wanted to barf that badly since that childhood day in the ballpark. But just like I did that day in the ball park, I stuck it out, and waited until I made it home from the theater to finally barf. The sickening feeling went away, but its too bad I had to end up that way in the first place….

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