Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: Rated PG-13 for action/adventure violence
Starring: Kierra Knigtley, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom
Directed By:Gore VerbinskiFinal Grade:

Every little boy has a childhood dream of becoming a pirate. The thrill of adventure and intrigue, sailing the seven seas, becoming a notorious legend. Although the days of pirates are over, the long lasting obsession with pirates is far from being over. Each year thousands of little children dress up like pirates for their Halloween Costumes and thousands more play pirates in their back yards. So when Disney decided to make a pirate movie, every little kid, and the kid that lives inside each and every grown up became mildly intrigued with high hopes for this swash buckling adventure.

Our Plot follows the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, who many surprisingly enough believe just might be the worst pirate ever to sail the ocean. He is a crewless bum whose terrible luck finds him in the local jail. But when the cursed crew of the notorious Black Pearl Pirate ship comes to town and kidnaps the Governor’s daughter, her lover, a handsome young blacksmith, confides in the help of Sparrow to track down the Black Pearl and save his true love.

Disney scanned the ocean of Hollywood actors to star in their newest adventure and finally decided on Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keirra Knightley and Johnny Depp to headline their pirate tale. Together the team does a wonderful job. Depp brings so much charisma to the screen as jack Sparrow and was the perfect choice for this “far from perfect pirate.” He takes control of the scene every time his presence is on the screen, and his sometimes ridiculous, always entertaining antics make the film a fun one. The lovely Kierra Knightley who is quickly becoming a rising star in Hollywood once again proves that her beauty and grace makes her a force to reckoned with in the years to come. It will be a real thrill to see her develop as an actress. Geoffrey Rush as the villainous captain of the Black Pearl was also a wonderful choice and does a nice job complimenting Depp’s commanding performance. Sadly enough the young Orlando Bloom doesn’t do anything that is worthy of being noted, other than stand there and look pretty. It seems as though he follows suit with the latest group of Hollywood hunks that are all show (pretty faces) and lack charisma. I must admit, I have enjoyed Bloom in the Lord of The Rings Series, so I know he has potential, I just wished he would have given us the same amount of energy in this character as well.

The real treat of Pirates of the Caribbean is the special effects and the pirate setting. Although they are nothing ground breaking or spectacular, they serve their purpose quite well. They keep a light enough tone that it wont frighten the wee children away, yet keeps an edge that lets the average moviegoer not laugh at the cheesyness of the special effects. That is a feat that is hard to accomplish in Hollywood, so I give credit where credit is due for that. Sadly enough for just about every good thing, there is also the bad. Pirates was not any different. The film had over a two hour run time, which kept moviegoers in their seats slightly longer than they may have wanted. The average attention span for an audience is usually 2 hours at most, and so Pirates pushes its limits with its longer run time, especially for a movie that attracts a younger crowd. Also our musical score follows typical suit with every other Jerry Brukenheimer film ever produced. In fact I am nearly convinced that it has the same soundtrack as “The Rock.” How this happened I don’t know, whether it is accidental or on purpose, it’s still obnoxious! Stop it Jerry! We get the point already.

But in the end, Pirates of the Caribbean may not be the biggest summer blockbusters of the year, but it is a fun ride none the less. By itself it is a fun little film, and with talks of a sequel I can honestly say I am looking forward to it. In the summer months we get a plethora of films that are meant to be pointless and fun, and this flick surely fits the bill to perfection. With this being the best pirate flick since Hook, it gives viewers a reason to jump aboard box office lines and set sail with Johnny Depp and he takes us into a world of piracy and fun.

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