From Justin To Kelly

A Film Review By Jason and The Mike
Starring: Kelly Clarkson, Jusin Guarini
Directed By:Robert Iscove

Final Grades:

Jason’s Review:

I am always intrigued by late night MTV shows. You know the ones where they sit up places like and tell you how wild and crazy your spring break could be when you are on the beaches of Florida or Cancun. They always interview all this drunken kids who always tell you it’s the ultimate party experience, and that it’s all about good looking girls, wild parties and sex.

From Justin to Kelly isn’t quite a bad MTV party movie, there isn’t any drinking in it, but it is just an excuse to waste camera time on another bad beach party flick. Our two characters Justin and Kelly Played by Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, the winners of the first American Idol show, meet up on spring break and fall in love. There is our plot. OF course no one else at this ultimate beach party can believe that it is true love and so Kelly’s evil friend tries to keep them apart by giving Justin the wrong phone number and sending him “evil” text messages via her mobile phone.

Kelly Clarkson made a point to say that this movie wasn’t about the critics, but instead it was about the fans. In other words she was trying to cover her tracks and not admit that her movie was tasteless crap. Maybe there was a hint of truth to her statement, there is nothing about this film that a critic would find enjoyment in, but to be honest, I didn’t know they had that many fans as well. And even if Clarkson and Guarini had fans this childish attempt at romance on the big screen should make them the laughing stock of Hollywood and American Idol fans.

Clarkson and Guarini can’t act at all, but then again they aren’t given anything to work with. A plot that can be summed up as Justin and Kelly meet up and fall in love doesn’t leave you much at all. Unfortunately both Justin and Kelly try to make it look as though they are making the worlds greatest movie and in the end the look like complete idiots. Luckily though this movie did enlighten me on some very important issues in teen culture. For example, when text messaging someone there is a limit to the number of vowels you can use. Apparently there is a text messaging vowel quota. When text messaging your new friend Kelly asking them to a meet you for a burger you send the following message: “Kly- I O U A bgr. – Jstn” I have no idea why but apparently in the world of American idol text messaging there are no vowels. I also learned that every thing you do can result in a crappy song and dance number, and just our luck everyone around Justin and Kelly immediately join in and know all the exact same dance moves.

To be honest I could go on an on, but there is no point. Kelly Clarkson may say this movie is for the fans, but I disagree. This movie is really for no one. It’s a joke and a waste of film. It’s the type of movie you get really drunk and head to the box offices to roll on the ground laughing at instead of enjoying. In the end this isn’t worth your time, isn’t worth your money and isn’t worth the film it was printed on.

Final Grade: D-

The Mikes Review:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch an hour and half long music video starring people who can dance but not sing? Worry no more, because From Justin to Kelly is the realization of that thought. It provides us with a small plot, silly acting, and enough song and dance numbers to drive us crazy. It’s the kind of movie that makes me glad to have an independent eye – Every time an eye wandered from the screen to the wall I thought “Oh wow, there’s something more interesting!” Too bad I don’t have independent ears too.

Kelly Clarkson is a very cute girl, and the movie is watchable for that fact only. There are plenty of beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful setting, but nothing that stands up as anything a movie should be. Justin and Kelly show little to no acting prowess, although Kelly’s ineptness is much more minor than Justin’s. The latter, who runs around in a hairdo he stole from Carrot Top doing and saying stupid things, will hopefully never have a career as an actor. Kelly may survive, and might be a good support in romantic comedies down the road…just don’t count on her to carry a film.

If you like the musical stylings of Britney Spears and ‘N-Sync, this is the musical you’ve dreamed of. If you thought Crossroads was a brilliant piece of film, then this is for you. Many are disowning this as one of the most mind-numbing pieces of drivel ever put on film (It currently ranks as the third worst film ever on the IMDB). I can’t say anything good about it, but I can’t really call it that pitiful either. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, From Justin to Kelly accomplished what it set out to do, being a musical that shows off two people whom are getting their fifteen minutes with an easy nature.

Of course, there’s no reason that it should have been made in the first place with that being its goal. Just months after The Real Cancun tried to move the pop culture of spring break to the big screen, From Justin to Kelly does the same thing with less emphasis on sex and more emphasis on song. Is Spring Break that interesting? Do people find that running around beaches in swimsuits while text messaging without vowels on cell phones is a supremely enlightening experience that must be shown to all? I don’t think so, but I’m fat and can think.

This is a hard review to write, as you’ve noticed by now in my sloppy jumping from point to point. But the main message is that From Justin to Kelly is a film that doesn’t need to exist. It’s not the most condemnable film I’ve ever seen (It doesn’t even win that award for the last month!), but it’s not good in any shape or form. Kelly is cute, but From Justin to Kelly is not. You should avoid it at all costs…but if you’re reading this website you’re probably smart enough to have known that already.

The Mike’s Grade: D-

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