Bruce Almighty

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for language, sexual content and some crude humor. 
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jenifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman 
Directed By:Tom Shadyac 

Final Grade: 

Everyone goes through a rough time in his or her lives at some point. For me, it was a few years back, during my first year of college. My grades were not up to par, my Girlfriend of a year broke up with me, and no matter what kind of inspirational advice anyone gave me, life didn’t feel as though it was getting any better. My misfortunes couldn’t have been because I didn’t study enough, they couldn’t have been because I didn’t devote enough to the relationship, after all It could never be MY fault. So whom did that leave to blame? Well God of course. I mean, since God expects you to devote your whole life to him you would think the man could at least throw you a few bones every once in a while, right? Well as I learned God couldn’t give everyone everything they want, and even though the phrase annoys me,I learned there was truth to the phrase “The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways.” A few years later, I have a better love relationship with a fabulous person, and life is at a much higher point than it was a few years ago. So maybe God did answer my prayers…But If I was God I am sure I wouldn’t have answered them a heck of a lot sooner.

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) had the same train of thought that I did a few years back. Bruce was a goofy news reporter who wanted it all, and always seemed to have everything backfire on him. He watched his job get taken away from him by a snobbish nemesis reporter, and watched his home life slowly crumbling. Everything he did of course was never his fault, and was easy to pass the blame on to God ignoring him. But when Bruce gets a visit from God himself (Morgan Freeman), God gives Bruce all of his powers, to prove to Bruce that playing God just might not be as easy as you would think.

The story is a little on the wacky side, and will make some Christians cringe but all in all the film had a lot more to it than a few simple laughs. Sure anything with Jim Carrey attached to it is bound to have comedy written on it, but Bruce Almighty puts a decent storyline right along with the humor. For all those Cringing Christians out there, I am happy to report that in Fact Bruce Almighty simply takes a humorous approach at explaining unanswered prayers, selfishness, helping others, and submitting yourself to God, and realizing that you alone could never be God. Now correct me if I am wrong, but a lot of that sounds like it is coming straight out of a Bible. The humorous situations, the ridiculous ways that Bruce handles situations and some of the things Bruce use his powers on may not all be something God would approve of, but I am fairly sure that the Underlying message is something even he would give a thumbs up to.

This film works because of Jim Carrey. We’ve watched Carrey grow over the years from Ace Ventura to what he is now, and to be all out truthful, I like what I have seen. Unlike Adam Sandler who is still trapped in the land of “Abbey Doobie”, Jim Carrey moved away from the “I can talk with my butt” stage while he still could, and moved on to new ways of entertaining audiences, which is why he can still be worth some good laughs yet today and Bruce Almighty proved it. Carrey’s rubberized face does a nice job of molding between the seriousness, the goofiness and the all around fun of the Character of Bruce, making the film an overall success. Make no mistake though, Carrey didn’t make the film all on his own. Carrey had a strong supporting cast of Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston, two Hollywood Stars that are pretty darn good at what they do as well.

Like every comedy does, Bruce Almighty has its slow parts, and its share of “Bad” jokes, but this doesn’t really detract from the film. The wonderful thing about a well-rounded comedy is that it doesn’t try to appeal to a certain type of person, but instead has plenty of laughs for every type of filmgoer. What I find stupid, the next guy may find hilarious. The Makers of Bruce Almighty realized this and made a film that is an equal mix of both types of humor, so everyone is a winner in the end. Also It would be easy to say the Bruce Almighty tried to beat you over the head with it’s message and lost the “comedy” atmosphere it worked so hard in building during the first half of the film. But just like Liar Liar and The Mask, if you thought the film was going to have a sad ending, all I have to say is what were you thinking. Sure the ending was fluff, and tried to put a message amidst the humor, But in the end Bruce Almighty was exactly what it was supposed to be: fun. I’d have to say it is nothing outstanding, but Bruce Almighty proves to be “Bruce Alrighty” and worth a few bucks for a few good laughs. 

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