The Lizzie McGuire Movie

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG for mild thematic elements
Starring: Hillary Duff
Directed By:Jim Fall

Final Grade:

I am not 15. I am not a girl. I don’t understand Girl Talk. I don’t understand hairstyles, fashion and heck I am a guy and I still don’t understand guys. So when I got the chance to see The Lizzie McGuire movie, I decided what the heck, headed to the theaters and thought I would try and keep an open mind.

Lizzie McGuire is a young girl who travels to Rome after graduating from Middle School. During their trip she meet a young male pop star who helps her become an overnight success. In the end she has to choose behind the life she left behind and the new life she has made for herself.

I was right. I really don’t know what to make of this flick. If I was a girl, and keeping the genre in mind, I guess I would say it is a success. It does what it is supposed to do, which is be a fun flick for the teenage girl, following right in step with other teen girl drama flicks such as What a Girl Wants. It’s focus is filled with things such as cute fashions, cute hairstyles, cute situations and cute boys. All of these are the components of a typical teen flick.

No matter what I am going to say the end result is this flick wasn’t enjoyed by me, but then again, why are you asking me? I am a 22 year old guy, of course it’s not my type of flick. But the teen girls that were in the film with me (and the 3 creepy 40 year old men) seemed to really enjoy the flick.

To be honest, I can’t write a review for this flick without being either a jerk or too light hearted. It’s a happy little teen flick, that will be adored by the average American Girl, and one that the critic just won’t really have much to say about. I know I don’t. If the movie looks “good” to you, go check it out. But if you don’t fit into that category, don’t rush to the lines, you aren’t missing the second coming of Christ by not seeing the film. There are a lot of other choices out there hit one of those up instead.

Girl Teen Flick Grade: B
Jason’s Opinion: D

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