The Real Cancun

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated R for drunken idiocy, language and brief nudity
Starring: Drunk kids who have sold their souls to the devil
Directed By:Rick de Oliveira

Final Grade:

The world is shocked by reality TV. Reality tv is the biggest craze now days, and everyone wants a piece of it. Well Hollywood took a shot at Reality Movies and the end result was The Real Cancun…

This flick doesn’t really have anything redeeming to it. It’s a reality TV show that has gone all wrong, with nothing positive to say about it. The story line is simple following a group of kids around on a spring break trip in Cancun, and the wild sex, alcohol and parties that follow. What a waste.

There is no plot, there is no acting, just idiocy. And for the guys who were expecting “girls gone wild” on the big screen, they will be let down. The amount on nudity is cut to near none, just to make sure that it matched the outstanding plot (also very near to none). In the end, if you want to see the “Ultimate Spring Break video” watch MTV. They show stuff like this all the time. This is the same thing only slightly longer. And since MTV plays shows like this back to back to back you’ll get your fill of these reality shows just by paying for the cable bill that you already pay for anyway.

The end verdict, Don’t Waste your time, Don’t waste your money and Don’t waste your life away in this flick. Supporting “reality movies” like this only means more and more flicks like this and the beginning of the apocalypse….

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