Chasing Papi

A Film Review By The Mike

Rating:RATED PG for suggestive humor and Mild Sensuality (there’s no Picante Sensuality here!)
Starring: Roselyn Sanchez, Sofia Vergara, Jaci Velasquez, Eduardo Verastegui
Directed By: Linda Mendoza

Final Grade:

I walked into a showing of Chasing Papi last night. At that time I knew that I was one of a dozen people that had bought tickets to said film, and that every critical report I had read of the film was negative. I’d not met anyone who’d actually seen it. I expected nothing. The film started, and my eyes watched, uncaring. But then something happened. I laughed. Then, I laughed again. The train had started, and within 20 minutes, I actually snorted. Much to my surprise, I’d found a very funny movie.

Chasing Papi is the story of a man named Tomas who is nicknamed Papi. The problem is, the nickname was given to him by each of the three women he’s dating. There’s Cici, the fiery Miami cocktail waitress; Lorena, the brilliant Chicago lawyer, and Patricia, the rich New York socialite. He doesn’t mean them harm…he simply loves them all.

This, of course, is a situation that can’t end well. Tomas develops a large amount of stress, and his doctor prescribes him tranquilizers (WHAT ????) to relieve said stress. At the same time, all three women are inspired to go visit Papi in L.A. by a freaky looking TV astrologer. Madcap hijinks ensue, involving missing money, cops, mobsters, a beauty pageant, and an unconscious Papi.

Chasing Papi is simply a light-hearted and fun film. It’s easy to see it as a Latin-American equivalent to My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Bend it Like Beckham; but it at the same time doesn’t delve too deep into culture that it detracts from the plot (which I definitely think happened in MBFGW). At its heart, Chasing Papi is a feel-good, woman-power film, with an emphasis on comedy at any cost.

Sometimes I stop on the Spanish channel, even though I speak little to no Spanish. I’m always drawn in by one thing – The chicks are hot! Chasing Papi brings us such attractive stars as well, but without the annoying trouble of translating. Each of the three women is absolutely gorgeous, and for the women folk there’s plenty of Tomas. An early scene with him walking through an airport had me cracking up, especially when the nuns show up. It should be noted, however, that this is by no means simply an eye candy film. The comedy holds up on its own, and each cast member is wonderfully perfect in his or her role.

Or maybe it is simply an eye candy movie. I’m not sure. After all the bad stuff I read about this film, I expected something of Down With Love hideousness. Chalk one up for the good guys, because Chasing Papi goes down in my book as one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve e’er encountered. It’s a light hearted, self-confident, and completely exuberant comedy that fits all the “girl power” guidelines perfectly. I shouldn’t like this movie so much…but I do.

P.S. – If I were Papi, I’d pick the one from New York. All three are hot…but she’s also rich!

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