View From The Top

A Film Review By Michael Haley

Rating:PG-13 for some language and inneundo.
Starring: Gwenyth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Christina Applegate, Kelly Preston, Rob Lowe, Mike Myers.
Directed By:Bruno Baretto

Final Grade:

There are a million ways that View From the Top could have stepped wrong, and a million other movies that tackle similar material with more depth, nuance, and other pretentiousness. Even so, I not only was taken by this charming little movie but I genuinely felt good, which is more than I could ever say about countless other feel good junk thrown at us.

Donna (Paltrow) is an aspiring nobody working at a dead end job that her scuz boyfriend helped her land. Things are going swell enough but something seems to be amiss…her family isn’t quite there in the head or anywhere for that fact, her boyfriend is also an aspiring nobody (read, retail manager). Mr. Stud dumps her and she goes into depression, before hearing of Sally (Bergen’s) inspirational tale of becoming a flight attendant. Donna pursues her new field with vigor as she aims to become successful and see the world. However, events lead her to a job in Cleveland that doesn’t promise Paris but allows her a sweet guy to fall in love with, until eventually the love of the job and the love of the job conflict.

The premise isn’t exactly stirring but dammit I enjoyed it. Almost every member of the cast is having a blast and it shows through in the production. Despite a few crude moments, the film is never mean spirited and is simply a pleasure to watch. To those who will find fault with the decision to put Paltrow, Applegate, and Preston in the sexiest outfits possible while still remaining “cute”, the film offers Mark Ruffalo, the lovable hunk of her life for the female crowd, and judging from the audience I saw it with, no one left disappointed in that respect. Mike Myers is another welcome addition to the film, who shines in just a few moments of screen time. All in all, I really can’t say I have any complaints with this movie. It’s not a classic, but it’s not too shabby either.

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