Kangaroo Jack

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating: PG for language, crude humor, sensuality and violence.
Starring: Jerry O’Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken
Directed by:David McNallyh

Final Grade:

Everyone does stupid things. I for example, must be close to holding the world record for the most stupid mistakes ever made in a lifetime. Most of those mistakes have been renting or paying for really bad movies, grammatical errors in class room papers, and on those special occasions, I have to admit I have done some really dumb stuff I am not proud of. Like the time I decided to go out and get smashed during an honor choir event in High School. Let me clue you in on something…not a good idea. But I am pretty sure, I have never done 2 things, those being #1- screw up a job given to me by a mob boss (not that I have had the chance) and #2- thought it would be funny to put a sweatshirt on a live Kangaroo (not yet at least).

Unfortunately Hollywood thought it would be the greatest idea ever to combine, Mobsters, the outback and a renegade Kangaroo all in the same movie. Brought to you by none other than Jerry Bruckheimer, who for those of you who don’t think Bruckheimer is a household name should remember him from movies such as Pearl Harbor and Gone in 60 seconds. While those in some ways could be seen as “ok- great” films (depending on the person) In this one Bruckheimer does the just opposite. He has created a movie that only his mother, or a three year old could truly love.

Kangaroo Jack is the story of the stepson of a mobster, Charlie, who is sent to Australia with his overweight dim-witted friend, Louis, to deliver a package, which contains $50,000. During their outback trip the two of them hit a Kangaroo with their car. Being complete morons, they dress the Kangaroo up in a sweatshirt and sunglasses and take pictures of it. It is all fun and games until the Kangaroo wakes up, and hops off not only with the sweatshirt but the $50,000 that was in the pocket. Now it is up to Charlie and Louis to get the money back before either side of the deal decides they took the money and ran.

I would love to say that Kangaroo Jack had potential, but even that would be a blatant lie. The story is so ludicrous, and although it has a simple-minded plot, it is quickly covered by inappropriate toilet humor, and was clouded by the “What am I supposed to be” syndrome. Kangaroo Jack was supposed to be a kid’s film I think. It did have a dancing kangaroo in a sweatshirt, and toilet humor, kids like that. But then again it had the lovely Estella Warren in a wet t-shirt (not very kiddy like). Some of the humor was intended to go right over a kids head, some other aimed right for them, which is a nice try to appeal to all audiences, but in the end, you have to decide what you want your film to be. Kangaroo Jack did not do that.

The movie did have its positive moments, no help to the “real” actors. Our saving star (if there is one) is the Kangaroo himself. His antics, such as playing with a yo-yo and eating an atomic fireball are by far the most humorous part of the movie. But the moronic plot surrounds it. So in the end that means that it is lost amongst stupidity. Had we just followed a kangaroo wearing a sweatshirt filled with toys, the movie would have been 10 times more appealing.

However, despite the kangaroo I really felt like I was wasting my time, and even worse some one was wasting Christopher Walken’s time. Walken played the part as mobster who sent his idiotic stepson on this mission in the first place. Now I love Walken, and I love his random Cameos but why Walken Why? I just don’t get it? When you co-star with Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell (who for some reason reminds me of a young John Travolta) you can’t expect greatness, but I can always hope for more, even if January is the month where January pumps out a whole slew of bad movies.

As for me, I am still pretty sure I will never put a sweatshirt on a Kangaroo, and am sure that I will probably never deal with the mob. I however can’t guarantee that I will stop making mistakes in life, especially when it comes to watching bad movies. As long as I have this website, and as long as Hollywood keeps providing me with bad movies, I will continue to make mistakes $6 at a time. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow in my footsteps.

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