A Guy Thing

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for language, crude humor, some sexual content and drug references. 
Starring: Jason Lee, Julia Stiles and Selma Blair 
Directed By:Chris Koch 

Final Grade: 

Bachelor Parties are supposed to be a guy’s one last night before “tying the knot” or “getting hooked to the old ball and chain.” Therefore, What better excuse for a party? Lots of alcohol, lots of middle aged men carrying on like a bunch of idiots, you know, it’s a guy thing. What you don’t know? Ok let me try this again, only this time I will try to relay it to you through the eyes of a painfully unfunny romantic comedy…

A Guy Thing opened this weekend at box offices and is going to leave a lasting impression on my feeble little mind. You see I was a huge Julia Stiles fan, I don’t know why but I am. Add that in with being a Huge Kevin Smith fan, so I follow the works of actor Jason Lee religiously. And so when I had heard rumors of them working together, I was ecstatic. And then I saw the release date of January. I was a little frightened since that is normally when Hollywood dumps their left over crap on us all. I guess this idea came about years ago, when Hollywood thought they could release movies that matched the January Weather outside: Crappy. But despite all of that, I kept my hopes up for A Guy Thing and headed to the box offices to enjoy the show.

Paul (Jason Lee) is less than one week away from being married, when the morning after his bachelor party he wakes up with a tiki girl (Julia Stiles). Paul’s mind a complete fluster he tries to carry one with his life and forget about it; only to later discover the Tiki dancer is his fiancée’s (Selma Blair) cousin, Becky. In a mad panic to cover it up, Paul jumps from one disaster to another, all the way to the wedding.

Jason Lee is a marvel to watch on the screen. It’s sad to see him in such a poor role. Script? What script? I’m not even sure Jason Lee had one in this movie. They just had him utter senseless phrases at the camera. Lee has unfortunately hit a bump in his road down Hollywood Boulevard. That bump being painfully unfunny comedies. First he made a box office flop with Tom Green in Stealing Harvard and now has followed it up with A Guy Thing . With that I ask, what happened to The Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Vanilla Sky Jason Lee that we all love? I hope this speed bump didn’t veer him off track, or he may be on his way to join Tom Green in the NOT FUNNY category.

As for Julia Stiles, I am a huge fan, but she didn’t do anything for me in this one Her Character was more “stupid” than anything else, and her antics on the screen made her look like an immature high schooler trying to act all grown up. I know that she can do better and has proven it in movies such as The Business of Strangers and O. But this one she wasn’t even a joy to watch on the screen. The looks were there, but well her brain wasn’t working when she picked up this role.

And now on to Selma Blair. This once cute, still kind of cute woman is possibly the biggest waste of camera time I have seen. Her Role as Lee’s Fiancée is nothing more than a reprise of her uptight snobby character in her last failure, The Sweetest Thing. In fact, I’m not sure but she probably even had the same wardrobe. She was a bore to watch, although she has nicely perfected the “bitch look” quite well over the course of the last year. I just wish she would now try and perfect her acting.

The biggest problem wasn’t the actors though; it was that the script gave them nothing to work with. It was a romantic comedy that relied on bodily humor jokes, and “Meet the Parent/ Sweetest Thing” style of humor that in the end well plain and simple just was not funny. It was over done, over used, and overly dumb. But then again what do you expect when the director’s previous works are Snow Day and Directing the TV Show Malcolm in the Middle

As for me, I did find my redeeming qualities in A Guy Thing . I got to watch 2 hours of Julia Stiles, which is a plus, and I learned What NOT to do at a bachelor party when that time rolls around for me. I also learned a valuable lesson that cast do not always make the movie. This “romantic comedy wannabe” was a prime example of the January slump the film industry goes through. But God help us if this is all they have to offer. The good news for me is that I will forget about A Guy Thing in a few month, (but the poster of it in my room may keep me from doing so) and hopefully by the time I make it around getting married, maybe I will have a good friend who will convince Julia Stiles to be a Tiki Dancer at my bachelor party…. 

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