Two Weeks Notice

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for some sex-related humor
Starring:Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock
Directed By:Marc Lawrence

Final Grade:

When I was growing up, and living my pathetic life with no girlfriend (this has all changed now that I have met Libby) I used always think love worked in mysterious ways, kind of like it does in every typical Hollywood Romantic Comedy. I always expected myself to fall in love with the one person I thought I hated, the person who drove me absolutely insane, so insane that I hated them. Then one day I realized in Hollywood it works that way, but in the real world it doesn’t. Those girls that I hated, it didn’t drive me to loving them, It just drove me to still hating them…

Two Weeks Notice is a tale of two people, Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) and George Wade (Hugh Grant). Lucy is a young lawyer who stands up for what she believes in and for whe she thinks is right. George on the other hand, is your typical power hungry, self centered, young and handsome rich guy who Lucy is always fighting against in court battles. But when George decides to give Lucy a chance to be his attorney, Lucy accepts with a little hesitation. But when the job becomes to overbearing for Lucy, she puts in her two weeks notice, and George must convince her to stay, or lose the girl he is slowly falling in love with.

We’ve seen this scenario a hundred, thousand, billion, trillion times. You aren’t going to get anything new out of this one. It simply is one of those happy feel-good light hearted romantic comedies. Hugh Grant must have really had to work hard to play the part of a self-centered rich guy with a British accent (after all we have NEVER seen that role from him before…NOTE SARCASM!). Grant is great in the role, but then again why shouldn’t he be? He’s been playing that role for years, and years and years… For some reason though Hugh Grant draws people to the box offices, including at times…well yes even me. As for Sandra Bullock, she is just going through the motions on in this one. Sandra is a beauty to watch on the screen ( I believe she is on The Mike’s list of Hollywood Hotties) and even if she just stood in front of the camera without talking, a lot of people could just watch in awe. But Hollywood doesn’t seem to like the idea, so they make her talk instead. Such a shame, since this overplayed overdone movie makes her look like she is joining the rest of the world of actresses who have done yet another…boring clichéd romantic comedy.

Now don’t get me wrong, Two Weeks Notice has it’s funny parts. I laughed, I cried…I cried again. (Well Maybe I didn’t cry, but I did laugh a few times). Hugh Grant’s acting as an arrogant rich guy can always be fun filled and you may learn a few smart remarks or two, but all in all you just aren’t going to get much out of watching Two Weeks Notice. If you have seen Notting Hill then you’ve almost seen Two Weeks Notice. Just Replace actresses, put a really ugly tie on Hugh Grant, and kazzam! You have Two Weeks Notice in a nutshell without ever seeing it…or at least sort of.

So is Two Weeks Notice worth your money? Probably not. If you feel like wasting $6 to take your girlfriend to one of those chick flicks that is something she will enjoy 20 times more than you will, then jump in line. But with it coming out on the same week at Lord of the Rings The Two Towers you would have to be crazy to be in the Two Weeks Notice line instead. Two Weeks Notice isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, its just that this overdone romantic comedy has bad timing, and well will be remembered as…just there.

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