A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for some sexual content.(and random shots of George Clooney’s Ass) .
Starring: George Clooney, Natascha McElhone, Jeremy Davies
Directed By:Steven Soderberg

Final Grade:

This week Steven Soderbergh’s adaptation of the Sci-fi novel “Solaris” hit the box offices. Soderbergh, who worked with George Clooney on last years hit, Oceans 11 gave Clooney another chance a big screen stardom as he recreates the story of Chris Calvin’s moral dilemma aboard the space station Solaris.

The story is simplistic. When a group of people on the space station Solaris call for help, they send Chris Calvin to space to find out what really happened at Solaris. Upon his arrival he finds that only two of the original crew members are still alive. The rest have killed themselves or died in “accidents.” As the confused Calvin tries to uncover the truth, he begins to see visions of his wife who committed suicide years ago. Determined to relive the life he missed out on the first time, Chris does what he can to once again salvage his once lost marriage and true love. But as the truth behind the “apparition” of his wife unfolds, Chris must decide if he really can salvage anything with her in this dream come true, or if he is destined to lose it all again.

Solaris although it had a good plot, was one of the slowest moving films I have seen in a while. Soderbergh had good intentions with the film and on an intellectual level it was worth a view, but plain and simply stated, for a movie that was under two hours long it couldn’t keep my interest for more than 15 minutes at a time. By the time the plot started to be in anyway interesting, I had already lost interest in the film, and seen the naked Backside of George Clooney for 2 minutes longer than I ever needed to see.

Which in fact brings me to my next comment. The film is a must see if you are obsessed with Clooney. They give you more than enough scenes of Clooney without a shirt, and unfortunately Clooney lacking pants. Now I would have been much happier if they at least gave you some warning before they just randomly showed scenes of Clooney’s backside. Soderbergh could have been at least nice enough to put a warning at the beginning of the film like the following: “WARNING: This film contains pointless shots of George Clooney’s Butt, if you don’t want to see it, make sure you cover your eyes!” But of course they didn’t so I was forced to suffer. Had the random nudity had a purpose I may not have been so disturbed, never mind It’s George Clooney I guess I would have been offended either way.

However, Solaris lacked in more than a slow script and unnecessary shot of George Clooney’s Backside. Clooney although he was supposed to be convincing, was more of a bore on the screen, and sadly enough drug us along through sub-par dialogue and mediocrity in acting. For some reason, Clooney just seemed to be a bore on the screen, and couldn’t keep my mind from wondering and asking my self questions such as, “Is this movie almost over? Why am I not watching 8 Crazy Nights tonight instead? I wonder if there will be any more scenes of Clooney’s ass?”

Soderbergh had potential for a great film in Solaris but just missed the mark this time. It’s nothing that the mainstream audience is going to enjoy, unless you have a strange obsession with Clooney. As for the not so mainstream audiences it’s either an enjoyable experience or a bore and a waste of time. Although I was happy to see the credits of Solaris I’m going to say that if I was in the right mood it may be an ok film, so I might have to give it a second view. But as for the general public don’t waste your time. Clooney was given a role that had the potential to be good but he wasted it and let Soderbergh down this time. Never the less, Clooney needs to buy Soderbegh a drink for giving him the opportunity for such great roles in the last few years. Now if only Clooney could convince Soderbergh to give Mark Wahlberg that same chance… but my fear is that won’t be until they have Soderbergh remake Solaris or Oceans 11

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