Extreme Ops

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for violence/peril, language and some nudity. .
Starring: No one too important…
Directed By:Christian Dunguay

Final Grade:

Now by the time I hit the last theater of my 2002 Turkey Days Movie Marathon for day one, I found that I had seen 4 Movies in under 24 hours. (Stuart Little 2, THEY, Solaris and 8 mile with a friend earlier that night) So by the time I made it to Extreme Ops I will admit that my eyes were getting a little heavy. But I figured the non-stop action reguardless of how pointless it was would keep my attention sparked for another hour and a half. By the time the credits rolled I was ready for bed, and wishing I would have slept instead.

Extreme Ops is the story of a group of extremists who go out to a mountain resort to shoot a commercial. However upon their arrival they stumble upon the secret lair of a terrorist, who is assumed to be dead. In order to keep his presumed “death” a reality the terrorist decides to kill them all. But he got more than what he bargained for as this group of extremists decided to fight back…

From the original trailer for the movie I thought was going to be completely pointless. It didn’t let me down, and proved to be just that. The craptacular special effects mixed with this nearly worthless plot and idea proved to be nothing more than and Extreme Waste Of Time. The movie ends about as abruptly as it begins, and with an ending more pointless than the whole plot. Acting was just horrid, I can’t even begin to describe the sub-par performances of these near Hollywood nobodies, and for everyone’s sake won’t even begin to criticize them, for fear that I would waste more time than I needed on this film, and wasting too much space on a page

However I did learn some very important lessons from . First of all I learned that if you happen to be a terrorist you are the worst aim in the entire world and are unable to hit your targets with a shotgun. You also fly helicopter that is nearly out of gas, giving your opponents that extra edge over you. That edge luckily is just enough to escape from danger and stupidity. I also learned that throwing a snowboard at someone will knock them out of a helicopter, and that a free falling body (that is falling from the edge of cliff) will also distract terrorists enough for everyone else to make a break for it. But above all of that, I learned the most effective way to stop terrorist in a helicopter is to simply toss a rope into the rear propeller, causing the copter to spin out of control and crash into a cliff. (after watching the film, I wanted to die the same stupid death)

Extreme Ops didn’t let me down. It did exactly what I expected it to. That’s right it wasted my time. I wouldn’t bother going to see it while the ticket price is $6.25 and I highly doubt it is even worth a rental or a $1 at North Grand 5. That’s’ pretty sad, But all in all trust my judgement, save your time and your $6.25 and spend it on something more important. And once it hits North Grand5, leave that $1 worth of change under your couch cushions and save it for a much better film…

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