The Santa Clause 2

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated G For Cheesy Holiday Fun, and Tim Allen
Starring: Tim Allen
Directed By:Michael Lembeck

Final Grade:

Tim Allen Returned to the big screen a few weeks ago with yet another sequel to the successful Holiday Hit, The Santa Clause . A few years away from the original we once again join Santa Clause (Tim Allen) as he returns to the big screen in this happy holiday fun fest.

Reviewing the previous paragraph, I realized how corny and cheesy that sounded even for me. But I think it is an accurate portrayal of The Santa Clause 2. It isn’t intended to be anything but just that: Fun. And sometimes movies, especially holiday movies, can do that with grace.

Our story is simple enough. The once-new Santa Clause, Scott Calvin, is still suffering problems as Santa Clause. This year it’s a mysterious battle with weight loss. But not the typical type of weight loss we think of, you see in his case it is a bad thing to actually lose weight. (I know how he feels. Believe me I do,) On top of that he finds that his son is now on this year’s “naughty list.” And On top of All of that he must meet up with and find a Mrs. Clause. With all of this happening as Christmas approaches, Scott has to get everything straightened out before Christmas time is ruined for everyone.

To be honest, It has been a while since I saw the original The Santa Clause But What I remember of it, I enjoyed it. And as I look back on The Santa Clause 2 I realized that I enjoyed it just as much. It’s got everything a Happy Holiday Disney film needs. Tim Allen is fun to watch on the screen. His character is more lovable than he was in the first one. And his son on the other hand is more unlovable, and much more… well grown up.

To make this review short and sweet (and so I don’t give away the plot and sheer fun of the film) I’m going to tell you to give it a chance. If you stopped believing in Santa at the age of 4, have no sense of humor and hate everything (AKA Michael Haley) Then maybe it’s not the best choice for you. But if you love imagination, holiday fun, Disney Cheer and fun stuff like that, give The Santa Clause 2 a chance.

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