Jackass: The Movie

A Film Review By Michael Haley

Rating:Rated R for strong language, extremely crude & stupid stunts, nudity, and a bunch of other cool stuff like that
Starring: Stars Johnny Knoxville, Stevo-O, and a bunch of other idiots.
Directed By:Jeff Tremaine

Final Grade:

This review will be short and sweet, simply because it’s pointless to treat Jackass: The Movie as if it really were a movie…there isn’t a story, plot, characters worth caring about, and so forth. I can’t really give it a letter grade, because it quite simply isn’t film. I can’t spend 1000 words discussing the aesthetic value of it nor critiquing it, because it simply defies film period.

If you’re familiar with the television series, you’ll know what to expect here, as this time these guys don’t need to worry about television censorship and can therefore do whatever the hell they want, and believe me, they do.

It’s bold, audacious, shocking, but extremely funny. Is it stupid? Yes. Are these guys retarded? Of course. Did this movie make me laugh? Yes, often uncontrollably. This isn’t art, cinema, or even moral entertainment, and I can’t justify liking it for a second…but I’m still recommending it, if only to see how stupid some males can really be. For female stupidity, which is nonexistent in this film, just watch the Girls Gone Wild with Snoop Dogg infomercial and you’ll get your fix quite nicely.

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