Bowling for Columbine

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:R for some violent images and language 
Starring: Michael Moore, and a bunch of other people you will recognize… 
Directed By:Michael Moore 

Final Grade: 

Over the weakened I had the chance to make it over to varsity and see Bowling For Columbine.I had heard nothing but positive things about the newest Michael Moore documentary and decided I needed to see for my self. By the time I left Varsity that evening I had taken a whole different look at the world and on gun control.

Bowling For Columbine is the story of controversial Documentary maker Michael Moore as he takes and in depth look at gun control, violence and school shootings. Moore’s investigation leads him to traveling cross-country to visit with the Columbine victims, over to the home of the brother of one of the Oklahoma City Bombers, then to Canada. Along the way he has also meets up with Marilyn Manson and with NRA activist, Charlton Heston to ask their opinions on why America leads the world in gun violence.

Moore’s documentary is a work of art. There was something about it that made me want to watch it another time. Moore has a way of getting right down to the core of the issue and then driving his point home. Combine that with his ridiculous yet entertaining factual commentary the viewer is left with an experience that is both entertaining and a learning experience. In most documentary films I fall asleep or at least take a short nap, but Moore’s work kept my eyes glued to the screen.

Without giving much more away, all I can really say about Bowling For Columbine is that it is a nice way to spend some money at the theater. In a world where everyone is so prone to violent movies, violent music and violence towards movie critics, it’s nice to have someone sit down and lay out the facts for you like Moore does. His hilarious antics and ludicrous ideas are enough to keep you entertained and informed. And if you ask me, isn’t learning at the movies as well as being entertained better than watching stuff blow up for 2 hours? In my mind it is, and I am sure you can think that way too. Go check it out. It’s worth your money, your time and so much Moore. 

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