I Spy

A Film Review By Michael Haley

Rating:PG-13 for language and sexual innuendo.
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Jammsen, Gary Cole, Malcolm McDowell, and a bunch of other great actors who’s talents are wasted.
Directed By:Betty Thomas (her first really bad movie)

Final Grade:

I Spy is a movie. It is a comedy. Do you like comedies? I like comedies. Comedies are funny.

And so I have represented the intelligence level of un film de Betty Thomas, which isn’t so much a poorly made movie (although it kinda is) but simply an unfunny one. Wilson stars as an FBI agent who must capture the evil Malcolm McDowell (what happened to his career after the brilliant Clockwork Orange, I’ll never know) or something. McDowell has designed an airplane that is practically invisible, and will sell it to the highest bidder. He is a boxing fan, though, and so the government decides to recruit Eddie Murphy, a legendary boxer, as a spy on this secret mission. Forget for a moment that the set-up is ludicrous and worthless, for comedies such as this don’t need to plausible to be funny. Is it funny? That’s a big fat no on that one, kinda like another movie out right now about a wedding.

Murphy and Wilson flail around and try their best, and one must give them credit for the energy they bring to this project. They are naturally funny, and their performances were good enough that they made me smile a few times even though the material was rancid (in other words my body was saying let’s go, but my heart was sayin’ no…) They have a wonderful chemistry together, and had someone actually took the time to give them material to work with, this one might have been a keeper. But alas, the monkey that writes Krusty the Clown’s scripts on The Simpsons must have took a crack at this one too, because aside from Owen and Eddie, NOTHING WORKS. The action scenes are repetitive and boring, the jokes lame and the story nonexistent. Will they get the plane back? Will they get in a fight? Do I really care? I care enough not to waste any more time writing this review, so long story short…

I Spy pretends to be a film. It thinks it is a comedy. It is not funny. Do you like I Spy? I sure as hell didn‘t, cause it sucked.

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