A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Stewart Townsend, and Chalize Theron
Directed By:
Rated: Rated R for violence, language and sexual content
Review Posted: Luis Mandoki

Final Grade:

Long ago I came to realize that just because Kevin Bacon is in a movie, that doesn’t mean it is going to be good. So when I first started hearing things about Trapped I wasn’t very excited to see it. But when Friday came, I found out my reviewing partner, Michael left that one for me to watch, so I headed off to the Box office to check out the newest addition to ways to link people in the Six Degree’s of Kevin Bacon

The film is a story of a trio of kidnappers who breaks into the house of a wealthy doctor while he is away on business, and takes their daughter away from them. Then, one of them stays behind with the doctor’s wife (Charlize Theron) explaining to her that if they don’t do everything that they tell her to do they will kill her daughter. However, a mother’s instinct is to protect her children, and so she tries to take matter into her own hands, which results in suspense…

Now I would love to say this has potential and was a great film, but I really can’t. Now don’t get me wrong, it is by far not Ballistic but it could use a little help. I think of Trapped as the Panic Room of kidnapping. It was supposed to be suspenseful but instead left you in awe with stupidity.

Acting wasn’t that bad. There were many redeeming qualities in that department. Kevin Bacon’s character, Joe, was the criminal mastermind behind it all. Bacon has a natural creepy vibe that he presents and he uses it to his advantage in this film. At many points in the film we’ve noticed Bacon’s “creepy vibe” actually helped him pull off the sub par dialogue much better than they should have been. Stewart Townsend, who played Doctor Will Jensen, was a bore. He wasn’t even convincing. He does get one thing right, he plays the role of a moron quite well, but you can hire lots of people in Hollywood to play a moron. His character does a lot of things that helps add suspense to the plot, but by the end you want to smack him for his idiocy.

Lastly in the cast of Characters we have Charlize Theron, who in my eyes has no real acting talent. She’s made her way through Hollywood by getting naked in film, so when she didn’t in this one, I was both surprised and not over all that upset because we’ve seen it before…multiple times. For such a stupid character, she plays it well, but in the end, it is just another role of the “clichéd” housewife who through one stupid thing after another, gets knocked around. In the end we are supposed to feel sorry for her, which you do in a way, but mostly you are in awe of stupidity.

Even the trio of kidnappers is something we’ve seen before. It’s the typical trio we’ve seen time and time again. The crazed mastermind, who doesn’t really have it all together, the supportive one who does things because they don’t know any better, and lastly the good hearted one, who knows his wrong doings, but carries on with them anyway. I swear I’ve seen this trio in Panic Room as well as countless other movies, so they only made the plot more predictable, and more stupid.

There are stupider things out there in the world, and I am by no means telling people to go check out this film, but you could do worse. I also know Michael never suggests that some films make better rentals, but I disagree. This is a movie you could pick up on a rental shelf for $1, take it home, kind of enjoy it and then take it back and forget about it as quickly as you watched it. It’s pointless, and not very suspenseful. But if that’s your thing go check it out. But be forewarned, it’s not worth your $6 ticket and your expensive concession stand popcorn…

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